Kristen Bell And Ellen Playing ‘Heads Up’ As Tiny Leprechauns Is Easily The Best Thing About St. Patrick’s Day

While I understand that St. Patrick’s day likely has a rich and respectable history and tradition, it has somehow evolved into a holiday that only involves drunk people, wearing tacky green clothing and pinching. As a result, St. Patty’s Day falls pretty low on the list of holidays to get excited about (probably even falling behind Groundhog Day, if I’m being honest, because at least that holiday is associated with Bill Murray).

However, occasionally there are some St. Patrick’s Day antics that are actually fun and charming, and do not involve a vomitous pub crawl.

For the St. Patrick’s Day edition of her show, Ellen Degeneres brought on one of our collective all-time favorite humans, Kristen Bell, and the two dressed up as stubby little leprechauns to compete in the activity-filled guessing game, “Heads Up.”

Putting shoes on your knees and pretending to be short is a pretty simple comedic formula, but you know what? It’s pretty damn effective.

Thanks to both of these ladies for serving up a bit of St. Patrick’s Day cheer that isn’t going to give me a hangover.

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