The Internet Is Running For Cover From This Horrifying ‘Big Chicken’

The internet is a frightening cavern of weirdness, and if you dabble in its waters, it’s only a matter of time before you feast your eyes on some truly disturbing content. And sometimes, that content is going to involve inordinately large birds.

A video recently surfaced of a truly enormous chicken, which looks like some sort of nightmarish Jim Henson marionette that feeds on the eyeballs of children.


The chicken is apparently a breed of chicken known as the “Brahma” or “Shanghai Chicken,” which was developed in the US back in the 1840s from (you guessed it) absurdly large chickens.

Despite this clear-cut explanation for the size of the shocking fowl, the internet is still unsure how to process the Big Chicken.

The majority of Twitter would prefer to run and hide from the Big Chicken.

However, some people are finding the Big Chicken to be a welcome distraction from current events, such as Trump’s proposed federal budget …

… or the James Comey hearing …

… or politics in general.

People simply cannot escape their thoughts about the Big Chicken. It is seemingly everywhere.

But, like it or not, this horrifying Muppet is the least-disastrous piece of captivating news that we’ve had in a long time. Perhaps we should all just enjoy it.

Speaking of Muppets, I know what you’re thinking, and no — Gonzo has already denied any association with the Big Chicken.

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