This Is The Meryl Streep Meme The Internet Has Been Waiting For

You never know when the perfect meme is going to strike, or where it will come from. You just have to be ready.

Recently, this photo of Meryl Streep at the 2015 SAG Awards began to recirculate on Twitter. And, because the internet is fairly predictable in its patterns of behavior, it wasn’t long before people found the perfect use for the snapshot and turned it into a meme.

this is the meryl streep meme the internet has been waiting for 22 This Is The Meryl Streep Meme The Internet Has Been Waiting For

Crowd Participation Meryl (as I call her) can be used for all of your call-and-response needs!

She chimes in on your favorite tracks.

She is basically all of us, whenever we’re at a concert and we know every single song.

She is every audience member at a supportive karaoke bar.

She is you, singing along to your favorite song in the car, not caring how you look to the drivers around you.

She is an enthusiastic middle school dance crowd.

She is an overzealous kid who calls out their answer instead of raising their hand.

She is you, when you watch a commercial that you’ve seen 10,000 times.

She’s all of us singing along to our favorite TV show intro.

Or, maybe she’s just you whenever you’ve had enough of something and need to indulge your inner heckler.

Basically, Crowd Participation Meryl embodies the childlike enthusiasm inside all of us, and we should be thankful for her presence in our world of memes.

Because adding Meryl only makes everything better.

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