Watch This Athlete Accidentally Thank His Wife AND Girlfriend On Live Television

I’ve always held onto the notion that cheaters never win in any aspect of life, particularly when it comes to relationships. Karma exacts its revenge at just the right time. At least, that’s what one athlete discovered when he thanked both his wife and his girlfriend in a live television broadcast.

Of course, the internet couldn’t get enough of this epic flub. Let’s just hope he lives to see tomorrow.

Ghanian soccer player Mohammed Anas accidentally thanked both his wife AND girlfriend in a live post-game interview.


In this now viral video, Anas can be seen expressing his overwhelming gratitude for a recent “man of the match” award he received after scoring two goals during the Free State-Cape Town game in South Africa. Unfortunately for Anas, the truth about his unfaithful lifestyle slipped out when he proceeded to thank his loving wife and his girlfriend in the same breath.

“Thank you very much for giving me this,” Anas said to the reporter about the award he received that night. “I appreciate my fans, also my wife and my girlfriend… I mean my wife. Sorry to say, I mean, my wife… I’m so sorry, my wife. I love you so much. I love you so much from my heart,” he stammered attempting to cover up his disastrous slip, but it was too late.

Almost immediately, his face became panic-stricken at this public admission of infidelity.

watch this athlete accidentally thank his wife and girlfriend eb 2 Watch This Athlete Accidentally Thank His Wife AND Girlfriend On Live Television

This, ladies and gents, is the face of a man who knows he’s in a world of hurt. Hell hath no fury like two women scorned.

It was only a matter of time until internet got a hold of this cringeworthy interview and people could not deal.

Some even prayed for Mohammed.

What can we say Mohammed, karma is a bitch.

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