Some Genius Invented A Drip-Free Wine Bottle Because Science Is Amazing

Science is amazing. It’s helped us cure diseases, put a man on the moon, lets us send memes and watch videos, and tons of other important stuff. Yet science hasn’t been able to provide us with a wine bottle that doesn’t drip all down the side of the bottle after pouring a glass. UNTIL NOW.

Super genius and Brandeis University biophysicist Dan Perlman invented a drip-free wine bottle.

What a hero.

Perlman, an inventor with over 100 patents, studied the flow of liquid on the lips of wine bottles for three years. Three years! He reached a simple solution: you can solve the dripping problems by cutting a little groove into the bottle just below the lip.

screen shot 2017 03 22 at 2 50 46 pm Some Genius Invented A Drip Free Wine Bottle Because Science Is Amazing

They’re not for sale yet, but Perlman is talking with bottle manufacturers, so hopefully we can get them ASAP.

You can learn more about Perlman and the bottle here.

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