Welp, Looks Like The Kardashian Cartoon Show Nobody Asked For Is Happening

Slowly but surely, the Kardashians are seeping into every possible form of popular media, and will soon rule the world. And apparently, part of the hostile takeover bid includes a cartoon series.

That’s correct: the Kardashian are in the process of pushing for an animated show about … well, themselves.

TMZ reports that Kris Jenner met with Harvey Weinstein’s company in Los Angeles earlier this month to pitch a cartoon show revolving around the Kardashian family. No word yet as to what the show will actually be about (probably nothing), or who is even pushing for such an idea to become a reality (My guess? Nobody except Kris Jenner). However, it is apparently clear that certain family members will be excluded from animated series.

According to Cosmopolitan:

Featuring animated versions of the entire family (minus Caitlyn Jenner), a source close to Mama Kris says that the show was a “primetime pitch” and would be aimed at adults.

Here’s the thing: setting aside the fact that the Kardashians are probably even less palatable in cartoon form than they are in reality, how is anything about their life substantial enough to be transformed into some sort of narrative? Unless the cartoon was a knowingly self-aware comedy which parodied the trivial road bumps encountered by an astoundingly wealthy California family, I have no idea what sort of “antics” the cartoon (Kartoon?) Kardashians could possibly take part in.

I will also say that if this mockup from TMZ is any indicator, the show will probably be visually terrifying:

screen shot 2017 03 27 at 11 59 07 am Welp, Looks Like The Kardashian Cartoon Show Nobody Asked For Is Happening


In all likelihood, the show will stay in development, where it belongs, and never actually make it to the small screen. But, considering the many capitalist Kardashian ventures that have already been put into play, I wouldn’t bet against Kris Jenner’s willpower to make the shameless cash grab actually happen.

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