Man’s Fragile Masculinity Is Immediately Insulted By His ‘Alexa’ Device

Men’s Rights Activists (or MRAs) are of the belief that they, as (mostly white) dudes, are marginalized in modern society and discriminated against unfairly. They believe that feminism is a threat to their very well-being, and their fragile egos are insulted by the mere suggestion that women might be deserving of equal opportunities in society.

Such archaic viewpoints are fairly apt, considering that they are apparently incapable of operating modern pieces of technology without finding nonexistent reasons to be offended.

Paul Elam, whose Twitter handle is the highly appropriate @AVoiceforMen, recently shared his experience with Amazon Echo, AKA “Alexa,” of Alec Baldwin commercial fame. Apparently, Elam was alarmed by the fact that his home assistant device self-identified as a feminist.

Elam’s narrative began with the dramatically fragile title, “Amazon Alexa — The feminist ghost in the machine.” (You know it’s gonna be good, folks.)

Elam goes on to describe how excited he was to receive a female machine which would be forced to cater to his whims.

Sadly, his experience quickly took a “dystopian” turn when Alexa answered a question about feminism.

When asked if she was a feminist, Alexa responded that, yes she is.

Elam expressed alarm and concern over the fact that his robot assistant believed that women are actually equal to men, as did the MRAs who commented on his experience. Because if men can’t control the prejudices of their own robots, then what kind of PC world is this??

Naturally, Twitter had to roll its eyes at the delicate fury that a small digital home assistant was incurring amongst a group of actual human men.

Clearly, Elam did not take into account that women actually helped to create Alexa — so the device would obviously not be inclined to engage in antifeminist rhetoric.

Alexa is a feminist, motherfuckers. Deal with it.

Or, maybe just stop buying progressive pieces of technology and go back to writing on parchment by candlelight? Either way.