People Cannot Believe How Much Patrick Stewart Looks Like Kellyanne Conway When He’s In Drag

One again, Sir Patrick Stewart is offering the internet a bit of comfort and laughter in times of increasingly nerve-wracking duress.

Last year, Stewart assumed a drag persona as part of a live event in Hollywood to promote his show, Blunt Talk. The look was complete with a silvery-blonde wing, false eyelashes, heavy eye makeup, and some serious statement jewelry.

It’s taken a while (like, almost a year), but people on Twitter are finally starting to realize that Stewart’s drag persona bears a striking likeness to another familiar face: Trump advisor, Kellyanne Conway

people cannot believe how much patrick stewart looks like kellyanne conway when hes in drag 21 People Cannot Believe How Much Patrick Stewart Looks Like Kellyanne Conway When Hes In Drag

People couldn’t believe they had missed the comparison for so long.

Perhaps if you just pretend Kellyanne Conway is Patrick Stewart, it will make the world an easier place to live in?

Naturally, people are already hyping the SNL possibilities, thanks to Melissa McCarthy’s iconic turn as Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

And yes — Patrick Stewart himself has even proudly acknowledged the resemblance.

Okay, party pooper alert: while the comparisons between these two are all well and good, it’s also important to take a step back for a minute and acknowledge that, while saying that these two look remarkably similar to one another is kind of funny, lambasting Conway for the way she looks isn’t really funny.

It hasn’t taken long for Twitter users to chime in on these photos with nasty superfluous remarks about Conway’s appearance, and how she looks “worse” than Patrick Stewart. These remarks smack of the same sexism which asserts that a woman’s worth lies in her attractiveness or appeal to the opposite sex.

While it’s understandable that Kellyanne Conway has made it onto many “Top 5 Least Favorite People” lists, it’s important to acknowledge that you can disagree with everything Kellyanne Conway does without resorting to calling her ugly. Because really, how is it different from the people who call Michelle Obama “a man,” or Bill O’Reilly saying that Maxine Waters looks like she’s wearing a James Brown wig?

Working in the political sphere, it’s only natural that Conway is going to make some enemies and incite some anger. But, please: make fun of her policies, not her face.

Call her soulless! Call her incompetent! Call her dishonest! I don’t really care! But don’t simply reduce a woman you disagree with to her appearance. Doing so implies that it’s okay repeat the same kind of judgement with all women in the public eye.

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