This Week In Bullsh*t Beauty Trends: ‘Coachella Lips’

Okay, this may be a somewhat divisive Bullsh*t Beauty Trend, depending on where you stand when it comes to festival fashion.

If you’re of the opinion that wearing feathered headdresses, applying glitter to your butt-cheeks and pretending to be a fashionably derelict modern-day gypsy who can somehow afford Coachella tickets is somehow adorable and #goal-worthy, then please ignore this post.

If, however, you feel slightly icky about possibly appropriating cultural fashion trends while inexplicably wearing caked-on makeup for a multi-day function that takes place IN THE DESERT, then by all means: read on. You are my people.

A new fad is upon us, and that fad has been dubbed “Coachella Lips” (by me).

This trend involves painting a single (usually brightly-colored) line down the center of your lower lip.


Seriously. That’s all it is.

On the one hand, the lazy girl in me appreciates a simplistic trend like this, which is so barely a trend that I’m actually impressed. On the other hand, the look is pretty much in line with other Coachella beauty trends — i.e., it kind of appropriates imagery from cultures who have a history of using facial paint for reasons other than music festivals.

Does this trend make you look inexplicably exotic? Yes, I guess. But, again: the reason you feel like you look “exotic” is because the trend is inspired by the practices of other cultures who are often given the label of “exotic” by white people.

Also, like, who are you kidding? This lip paint isn’t even going to last through a single beer, much less an entire day of partying in the desert.

So, let’s review: impractical, kind of lazy, and also a vague form of cultural appropriation.

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How about let’s just … not?

And if you’re really looking for ways to amp up your Coachella makeup, maybe just wear a damn flower crown and be done with it?

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