People Are Loving This Kid Who Partied Like A Rockstar At Coachella

Festival season is in full swing which means nonstop coverage of some of music’s biggest events like Coachella. Infamous for their consistently exceptional talent lineup and over-the-top fashion donned by thousands of attendees, Coachella never fails to be a massive blowout.

Though it’s typically associated with chaotic party shenanigans, the event also welcomes families including kids of all ages. Yes, there are children who attend Coachella and while this may sound like an insane parenting move, one badass kiddo is proving that the festival world has no age requirement.

This adorable little boy was spotted partying like a rockstar at Coachella last weekend.

This is honestly amazing. I was never that cool as a kid and probably never will be. Multiple festival goers snagged videos of the partying toddler and loved his enthusiasm.

Not only was he enjoying a supreme view from his dad’s shoulders, but he also knew every word to the songs like Migos’ “Bad and Boujee”.

Kid was lit, indeed.

Look at those moves!

screen shot 2017 04 18 at 2 27 31 pm People Are Loving This Kid Who Partied Like A Rockstar At Coachella

And he was casually partying next to Odell Beckham Jr. while rapping to Drake, NBD.

I love how Odell Beckham Jr. knows this kid is already cooler than him. Someone hand that dad a trophy.

The above video was reportedly originally posted by the child identified as Max Nilsson’s brother, Alexander Nilsson. Alexander has since made his Instagram private.

Unsurprisingly, people became obsessed with little Max and his moves.

And several commended his dad’s parenting skills.

I can only hope if I have kids one day, that they will be this cool.

…or at least cooler than me.

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