5 Reasons To Say “Hell Yeah” This Week

Give yourselves a nice pat on the back, you’ve made it to the last and final day of the workweek. Thank god. Though we’ve been more than ready for this week to come to a close, there was plenty of good news to get us through the long laborious hours.

Let’s take a look at all of the positivity this week had to offer before you go skipping off to a well deserved happy hour.


1. Serena Williams winning the Australian Open while pregnant

On Wednesday, Serena Williams dropped some major news: she is expecting a baby with her fiancé, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, and is currently 20 weeks pregnant. While this news is spectacular in and of itself, everyone’s jaw dropped when they did the math and realized that Serena won the Australian Open roughly 12 weeks ago, in late January … which would mean she won while she was pregnant.


2. This woman who had her bachelorette party at Coachella

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Bride-to-be Aisha Amjad decided to blow all other bachelorette parties out of the water by taking her gaggle of girlfriends to an unforgettable weekend Coachella.

“I’ve done 12 festivals total, this is my fourth Coachella,” Amjad tell TheBerry. “I’ve been to EDC, Ultra, Outside Lands. Hence, my best friends know that I’m a total festival girl and a bachelorette at Coachella would make me very happy.”


3. This guy who went on a blind date with a former Olive Garden manager

A Twitter user named Joe Wadlington recently went on a spontaneous date and discovered that the man who joined him for dinner used to be the General Manager of the Times Square Olive Garden. Needless to say, he hit the jack pot and he shared his entire amazing encounter on Twitter for our hungry souls to enjoy.


4. This 6th grader cleverly protesting her school’s sexist dress code

screen shot 2017 04 21 at 1 37 51 pm 5 Reasons To Say Hell Yeah This Week

Though it’s been several years since I’ve walked the halls of grade school, hearing stories of the latest regulations on dress code are downright appalling. Honestly, if kids are going to be subjected to such outrageously biased and gender-specific standards why not just implement uniforms? This is getting out of hand and one sixth grader from Portland has had just about enough.

Sixth grade student Molly Neuner is challenging outrageous school dress codes in the best way.  According to the Portland Press Herald, King Middle School sixth grader Molly Neuner was reprimanded this week by a teacher for wearing a racerback-style purple tank top, which broke the school’s ridiculous dress code. The teacher allegedly made her and another female student measure their tank top straps and shorts in front of the entire class.


5. This woman’s ex who still sends their dog birthday presents

When Rebecca Hernandez and her high school sweetheart Frankie parted ways after a rocky marriage, their jointly adopted pupper Apollo stayed with Rebecca. However, Frankie found himself missing his dog (and his wife) so much, that he continues to send Apollo a birthday card every year to this day and it might be the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.



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