This 5th Grader’s Science Project Hilariously Compares ‘The Rock’ To An Actual Rock And Even Dwayne Johnson Loves It

We could spend hours listing the reasons we love the chiseled masterpiece that is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Aside from his superhuman physique, Johnson has proven himself to be a pretty kick-ass dad as well as a desirable future presidential candidate. What can we say, the people need him.

Recently, a fifth grader submitted a clever project to his teacher that illustrated the differences and similarities between physical rocks and “The Rock” and Johnson loved it almost as much as we do.

A 5th grade student gave his teacher a Venn Diagram project comparing rocks and “The Rock” and we hope he’s getting extra credit.

923048 2 This 5th Graders Science Project Hilariously Compares The Rock To An Actual Rock And Even Dwayne Johnson Loves It

The teacher who received this amazing project shared a photo of it on Reddit with the following caption:

“One of the fifth-graders I work with made this in his science class. It wasn’t even for a grade.”

The student should probably just get an ‘A’ for the entire class don’t you think?

The wonderfully illustrated Venn Diagram notes the differences between wrestler Rock and ground rocks as ‘Biotic’ and ‘Abiotic’, two terms which I can guarantee I did not use properly in the 5th grade.

However, the best part was the similarities section in the middle:

  • Super Strong
  • Bald
  • Indestructible

Brilliant, so brilliant. 

Apparently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson loved it too. After the post caught fire on Reddit, the former wrestler and successful actor shared it via his personal Twitter account.

This 5th grader is my hero. Can someone please arrange for a meet and greet with these two?

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