This Viral Wedding Dress Is Made Entirely Out Of Cake And I Want To Eat It

With wedding season upon us, we can’t get enough of all the beautiful wedding dresses and irresistible wedding cakes. But what if we could have both at the same time? Well, you won’t believe what you’re about to see…

Mak Tumang, a couture designer, made this incredible bridal gown.

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Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely a beautiful gown. But you know what it needs? CAKE.

At the recent Cake International competition at London’s Alexandra Palace, world-renowned cake artist Emma Jayne recreated Tumang’s design using cake. Amazing.

Here’s the dress designer and the cake designer with the wedding cake dress.

When Yahoo Style asked the designer about the cake version of his dress, Tumang said he’s “so thrilled and thankful that they made my design as inspiration for the Cake Show.”

According to the website, Cake International hosts “the world’s largest cake competition.”

While we’re sure some of the other cakes were probably great, this one unquestionably takes the cake.

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