5 Reasons To Say “Hell Yeah” This Week

I’m not sure about you, but this week has felt incredibly long and I couldn’t be happier to see Friday. Now, before you run off to that well-deserved happy hour or night of Netflix binge-ing, check out some of the good, hilarious and light-hearted news that crossed our desks this week.

Happy Friday!

1. This inspirational model reminding us that skinny doesn’t mean happy

screen shot 2017 04 28 at 12 35 54 pm 5 Reasons To Say Hell Yeah This Week

“British model and body activist, Charli Howard, recently shared two side-by-side before and after photos, showing how she looked when she was at an “unhealthily low weight” and experiencing an eating disorder, and how she looks now, during her recovery. After she was told that she was “too fat” and “out of shape” to work in the fashion industry, the 26-year-old left her modeling agency with a very public “Fuck you” post on Facebook. Since then, she’s been speaking up about body positivity and encouraging others to realize that they are more than just a number on a scale or a dress size.”


2. Nikki Bella and John Cena getting naked for their followers

nikki bella and john cena hilariously stripped down eb 21 5 Reasons To Say Hell Yeah This Week

“Recently, the newly engaged Nikki Bella And John Cena went full frontal for the world to see and it’s honestly almost too much to handle. Bella made a promise to her fans that if she reached 500K followers on YouTube she would get naked with her fiancé on camera. This promise of a nude Bella twin standing next to an equally naked John Cena was, unsurprisingly, more than enough inspiration for her followers.”


3. This adorable little girl who is so done with her boyfriend

screen shot 2017 04 28 at 12 39 32 pm 5 Reasons To Say Hell Yeah This Week

“Filmed by her mom, the frowning toddler explains, “So I saw Sawyer in the park with another girl.” She continues in the video, “I was so mad, I’m calling him right now.” Mila then grabs her cute little plastic pink phone toy and rants to Sawyer about how she’s “done” with her “boyfriend.” The level of sass is impressive, and we’re not sure if this much sass has ever been so cute.”


4. Bella Thorne showing the world how brutal bikini waxes really are

5 reasons to say hell yeah this week 21 5 Reasons To Say Hell Yeah This Week

“Any woman who has ever endured the brutal agony of a bikini wax knows that there is no cherry-coating such a painful beauty ritual. It hurts, like really, really bad. Former Disney star Bella Thorne recently experienced her very first trip to hair removal hell and decided to share it with the world.”


5. Eddie the German Shepherd pup playing dead

“Last month, Eddie had his first birthday. The doggo has grown up, but he’s been doing incredible tricks since he was a little pup. He’s even an expert at playing dead.”



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