This Adorable Little Girl Is ‘Done’ With Her ‘Boyfriend’ After Spotting Him With Another Girl At The Park

If you’ve followed theBERRY for a while now, you might remember Mila and Emma Stauffer. The adorable two-year-old twins melted our hearts back in October when their mom, Katie, dressed them up in incredible Halloween costumes and shared the ridiculously cute pictures on her Instagram.

Like this:

The real OG's of AZ #orangeisthenewblack

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Now, Mila is making waves again.

Filmed by her mom, the frowning toddler explains, “So I saw Sawyer in the park with another girl.” She continues in the video, “I was so mad, I’m calling him right now.”

Mila then grabs her cute little plastic pink phone toy and rants to Sawyer about how she’s “done” with her “boyfriend.”

“This is ridiculous,” she tells her fake boyfriend. “Sawyer, I saw you, don’t go to the park with her. I saw you. I’m so sad.”

The level of sass is impressive, and we’re not sure if this much sass has ever been so cute.

She goes on: “Never ever do it again. You are nothing. I’m done with it. Never ever talk to me like that, do you hear me? I’m serious. Do you hear me?”

See the sassiness for yourself:

And the Oscar for best actress in a dramatic role goes to….🎭🏆

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Yaaasss! You go girl!!!

this adorable little girl is done with her boyfriend after spotting him with another girl at the park 2 This Adorable Little Girl Is Done With Her Boyfriend After Spotting Him With Another Girl At The Park

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