Guys Are Trolling This Teen Rapper Who’s ‘Headed Out For The Day’ By Texting Their Girlfriends To Stay Inside

If you’re an old fogey like me, then you have probably never heard of MattyB, the 14-year-old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. And you know what? You should probably be proud of that fact.

For a bit of back story: this kid has been rapping since he was seven years old, and he’s the star of “MattyB Raps,” an incredibly popular YouTube channel featuring music videos of — what else? — MattyB rapping. As BuzzFeed reports:

Over the last five years, MattyB’s videos have racked up over one billion views. He has a book deal. His social media following is huge. He tours the country hosting “meet and greets” and sell-out shows. Think of him as like Justin Bieber, if Bieber never met up with Usher.

So, yeah. He’s an innocent kid who’s an annoying rapper, and none of us should be surprised that he (much like Bieber) has been known to err on the side of obnoxiousness.

Recently, MattyB tweeted out a photo of himself in his alleged chick-magnet outfit, with the caption “Hide your girlfriend … I’m headed out for the day.”

Which is so funny, on so many levels (because striking a sultry pose on the front porch of your parent’s house is the most suburban thing ever).

Naturally, one Twitter user felt the irresistible urge to troll MattyB and his “player” vibes, so he texted his girlfriend and begged her to stay inside of her house for the day.

The conceit was so hilariously ridiculous that, fairly soon, other Twitter users followed suit.

Fairly soon, the meme evolved into simply using the phrase, “Hide your girlfriend … I’m headed out for the day.”


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