Ron Swanson Doesn’t Think Leslie Knope Would Become President And His Reason Kinda Makes Sense

Since the show’s all-to-soon finale in 2015, Parks and Rec fans have continued to speculate on what the future would have held for their favorite characters, particularly the lovable Leslie Knope.

In the final episode, viewers were given several clues that led us to believe Ms. Knope may have become the next president. Honestly, who would be better for the job? However, Nick Offerman AKA the mustachioed all-American Ron Swanson, believes otherwise and we’re not sure how to feel about it.

Nick Offerman AKA Ron Swanson doesn’t think Leslie Knope would become president.

ron swanson just shut down this favorite parks and rec theory and we might need a minute 2 Ron Swanson Doesnt Think Leslie Knope Would Become President And His Reason Kinda Makes Sense

Offerman recently sat down with HuffPost to discuss his latest film, The Founder. Naturally, the conversation was steered towards his iconic role on Parks And Rec and when asked if he thought Leslie became president, he said no.

But, but why?

“It would be dubious. I feel like it takes a very special personality to actually want to become president of the United States. In show business … to me, the president is more like an A-list movie star and there is a lot about that lifestyle that is not attractive to most people, and I think Leslie would be one of those people,” said Offerman. “I feel like she might become governor at most.”

I guess this makes sense, seeing as Leslie’s never been one for the flashy lifestyle. She cares about the people and she enjoys playing a key role in even the smallest projects.

Fair enough. I suppose “Governor Leslie Knope” has a nice ring to it.

Offerman also spoke about his character Ron Swanson’s opinion of our current POTUS.

“I can’t fully speak for Ron Swanson because smarter people than me were writing that role to which I was but a contributor, so I asked Mike Schur, our head writer, what the answer to the question was, and he said that Ron would think very little of anybody that made the transition from business to politics. That would be his main vote against the orange one. But also, Ron was a great respecter of all people … especially women, so he would really think Trump was shameful because his behavior is so demonstrably disrespectful of women.”

We feel you Swanson.

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