This 12-Year-Old Was Humiliated And Kicked Out Of A Chess Tournament For Her “Seductive” Dress

The amount of sexist dress code enforcement women are forced to put up with on a daily basis is honestly appalling, particularly as of late. Whether it be outrageous regulations on school attire or the unbelievable workout wear standards of a university gym, things are getting out of hand and we’ve had just about enough.

Unfortunately, yet another unjust example of these biased rules was experienced recently at a school chess tournament in Malaysia. A female student was humiliated when she was asked to leave because her dress was too “seductive.”

A chess coach in Malaysia is demanding an apology after his 12-year-old student was kicked out for her “seductive” dress.

For privacy reasons, the minor’s name was not revealed, but her chess coach, Kaushal Khandhar, detailed the infuriating incident on Facebook.

“One of my student, who is a 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL felt harassed and humiliated by the actions of Tournament Director and Chief Arbiter,” Khandhar, a member of the World Chess Federation, wrote.

He also shared a photo of the student’s dress which covers her shoulders and goes down to her knees.

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In what universe is that inappropriate!?

According to the post, the student was attending the 2017 National Scholastic Chess Championships in Putrajaya, Malaysia when the event’s chief arbiter told the student and her mother that the girl’s dress was too “seductive” for the event and claimed it was a “temptation from a certain angle far, far away.”

Khandhar said he’s been competing in Malaysian chess tournaments for nearly two decades and has never witnessed a disturbing issue like this before.

After some discussion, the Chief Arbiter apologized to the student and insisted there was nothing wrong with her outfit. However, he could not allow her to continue the tournament in her dress due to the Tournament Director’s decision.

The Chief Arbiter then gave the girl and her mother the option to purchase new attire at a nearby mall, but he did not share this information until around 10pm that evening and the tournament would continue at 9am the next morning. Needless to say, there would not be time to buy a new outfit. This forced her to withdrawal from the tournament, forfeiting the event’s registration fees, coaching costs and travel expenses.

To make matters worse, the next morning the student’s mother called the Tournament Director to discuss the issue (hopefully yell at him), but he acted as though he had no knowledge of it.

“Initially he had replied that he was not aware of the situation but after a brief discussion, it was realized that he knew all the details on this incident prior to this phone call. He promised to return the call upon discussion with Chief Arbiter, but this did not happen. He would further not answer or return any calls of my student’s mother.” Khandhar wrote.

The girl’s mother who has now been identified as Chin Wai Ling told The Star that her daughter was shocked and embarrassed when the arbiter interrupted her match to comment on her dress.

“From that point onwards, she said all she could think of was whether anyone was peeping at her throughout the game,” Ling told The Star.

Poor thing, she was probably nervous enough already without some strange man telling her her dress was “seductive.”

“We are absolutely DISGUSTED by the treatment of Tournament Director to a 12-year-old girl and her mother,” Khandhar wrote in his post.

The FIDE handbook, which sets the standard for chess tournaments worldwide, has no specific dress code. It only states that students must be “dressed in a suitable manner.”

How is that dress possibly unsuitable? She’s 12! This situation is causing her to become sexualized and humiliated for no reason. Smdh.

Commenters who read Khandhar’s post are sharing in his frustration and disbelief.

I could not agree more.

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