This Guy Shared A Cheap Date Story That’ll Actually Make Ladies Swoon

Being strapped for cash can make dating a bit difficult, if you let it. But ballin’ on a budget forces people to think creatively about building their own adventure vs. spending hundreds of dollars on a less memorable drinks and dinner date.

So when these Redditors were asked about a low-cost way to spend time with their SO, the most up-voted response includes a sweet throwback that’ll make you feel like you’re reading a romantic novel you wish you were apart of.

And so the story begins

“When I met my ex in my early college years, I had a terrible job at Popeyes. Her family being fairly well off it was difficult to find cost effective ways to treat her out to an intimate date. Movies were too expensive and dinner could never be anything more than fast food, at the time.

Her favorite was my impromptu drive in movie date.”

How he life-hacked his way into making his own power outlet.

“I bought an inexpensive micro fleece blanket, a soft fluffy pillow, traded some work for a power converter for my car. It was a block you could plug into your cigarette lighter and turn it into a regular power outlet.

I had a small portable dvd player and a radio in my car that had an Aux port for sound.”

This is where it gets really cute.

“I bought her favorite snacks, raisinettes, coke, and pretzels. I stuffed everything inn the trunk of my small car. We took a nice drive down the coast. Stopped at a lovely beach and took a walk. We ate sandwiches from a small deli in the area. We watched the sunset on the beach and then made our way back to my car. I pulled all the stuff out. Placed the pillow over the center console. Covered us both with the large blanket. Plugged the aux cable into the headphones jack of the dvd player.

We had a private little drive in. With the sound of the ocean right outside. When the battery on the player got low, I turned on the car and plugged it into the power converter. We cuddled and watched bad action movies all night with my car speakers as our own little surround sound theatre.

All told, the date cost me about $50. Back when gas wasn’t over $2 dollars a gallon.”

Redditors loved his idea…

“Oh my god, you absolute god. I’m going to steal your idea”Trainer_David

“I want to do that. Let me first find my SO.” – Superheatboy

“Mother of God this sounds awesome. I’m legit gonna do this someday.” – Alexschubs

And Are_those_real added how people nowadays and can replicate this date in a simpler way.

“The cool part is that this date idea is a lot easier to do now a days. I have a pretty big phone and Netflix allows you to download movies offline on your phone now. I have an adapter for my phone that allows me to place it on the windshield. A lot of fun and you can get the full surround sound as well. I normally park somewhere with a view, either of the city or beach.

I’ve also done the more legit drive-in movie where I borrowed a projector and projected it onto the side of the house and we just watched movies that way in our own private area.

Like potatohead I also keep my trunk full of stuff for spontaneous events. I normally keep towels, blankets, sleeping bag, some snacks, change of clothes, a tent, lantern, and even some random art supplies. It doesn’t take up too much room but it has led to some spontaneous desert trips, beach trips, hikes, etc… unfortunately I’ve only used this stuff with friends and not for dating purposes due to a complete lack of dating life but hey, I’ve had a lot of fun.”

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