This Strong-Ass Teen Couldn’t Find A Prom Date, So She Took Her Harvard Acceptance Letter Instead

Navigating high school is an arduous task, and it’s no wonder why teens can get so cranky and exasperated about it. On top of trying to make academic achievements, high schoolers also have to deal with social hierarchies, friendship drama and, of course, finding a prom date.

The whole ordeal can undeniably overwhelming β€” which is why it’s so refreshing to encounter teens who have been through the high school wringer and still manage to have their priorities in order.

Priscilla Samey is a queen among teens, and recently learned that she was accepted into sevenΒ Ivy League schools for the upcoming fall semester.

Damn, girl. How do you even choose between such amazing options??

Alas, not everything in Priscilla’s life was looking as amazing as her school choices: her high school prom was coming up, and she couldn’t find a worthy guy to take her to the dance.

But, Priscilla wasn’t about to let the frustrations caused by teenage boys overshadow her incredible victories. So, she sent out a simple tweet announcing to everybody that she just made two major decisions: she is going to Harvard, and she’s taking the acceptance letter as her damn prom date.

Naturally, Twitter was in TEARS over these incredible pieces of news.

And, as people pointed out, Priscilla is the true victor here β€” because a good education is definitely going to take you farther than a high school boy ever could.

Prom dates come and go, but Ivy League acceptance letters are forever.

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