5 Reasons To Say “Hell Yeah” This Week

TGIF! We’ve finally made it to the weekend, ladies and gents and that is cause for serious celebration. But before you skip off to a well-deserved happy hour (or maybe a nice long nap), let’s take a look back at all of the great news that came across our desks this week.

Happy Friday!

1. This pure little dachshund getting dressed up for prom

“Brenda Sierra, an 18-year-old from Florida, recently decided to include her 7-year-old rescue Dachshund, Sasha, in her upcoming prom plans. So, after getting her prom dress hemmed, Brenda decided to use the extra fabric to make a tiny, matching prom dress for Sasha. The results were, obviously, totally adorable and fabulous. In fact, Sasha looked so good that Brenda felt compelled to include the little pupper in her prom photos.”


2. Ryan Reynolds adorably swooning over his wife

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“During Monday night’s Met Gala, Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, encountered Humans Of New York photographer Brandon Stanton, who is renowned for his collections of portraits and interviews on the streets of (you guess it) New York City. Stanton has a particular knack for pulling nuggets of remarkable truth from his portrait subjects, and his interview with Ryan Reynolds is no different. Reynolds waxed poetic to Stanton about his love for Lively, the mother of his two children, and what he values most in her as a partner.”

Stanton shared the photograph to the Humans Of New York Instagram, and included Reynold’s sweet sentiments.


3. This woman hilariously live tweeting a breakup

Relationship drama is never fun when you’re in the thick of it, but overhearing someone else’s couple qualms oftentimes gives us a bit of guilty pleasure—particularly when the wrongdoer gets called out for being an inconsiderate asshole.

At least, this was what Ashe Dryden experienced on Monday when she was enjoying lunch at a local coffee shop. A woman sitting adjacent to Dryden began to confront her unfaithful POS boyfriend and fortunately for us, she live-tweeted the entire scenario.


4. This teen who took her Harvard acceptance letter to prom

5 reasons to say hell yeah this week 2 5 Reasons To Say Hell Yeah This Week

“Priscilla Samey is a queen among teens, and recently learned that she was accepted into seven Ivy League schools for the upcoming fall semester. Alas, not everything in Priscilla’s life was looking as amazing as her school choices: her high school prom was coming up, and she couldn’t find a worthy guy to take her to the dance.

But, Priscilla wasn’t about to let the frustrations caused by teenage boys overshadow her incredible victories. So, she sent out a simple tweet announcing to everybody that she just made two major decisions: she is going to Harvard, and she’s taking the acceptance letter as her damn prom date.”


5. This ridiculous optical illusion

“Recently, 18-year-old Eleanor Bailey of Leeds took a photo of her sister and some friends at a U.K. nightclub. However, what started out as a cute photo op transformed into something else entirely when Eleanor realized that her sister’s arm appeared to look like a magical, six-foot long extendable limb in the photograph. It really looks like this girl is reaching straight across her friends to hold up her fist in solidarity — stretching her arm out like she has some damn superpowers!”



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