Gordon Ramsay Actually Complimented Someone’s Food And Twitter’s Going Crazy

Ah, Gordon Ramsay, the world famous celebrity chef/infamous asshole who constantly roasts people’s cooking on Twitter. There’s no way he could say something adorably sweet about someone else’s food, right? Well, surprisingly, he just might not be completely heartless after all.

Gordon Ramsay is absolutely savage about people’s food on Twitter.

He has a lot to say about his fans’ meals, and his comments are almost never nice.

But recently, something crazy—and amazing—happened on Ramsay’s Twitter.

A fan named Bridgett asked Ramsay for his thoughts on her fiancé’s skillet pork loin. AND RAMSAY ACTUALLY LOVED IT.

Wait, WHAT?!?

Yep, Ramsay actually approved of the meal—and Twitter couldn’t believe it.

Seriously, what happened to the cold and heartless chef we’ve all come to expect?

And guess what? Bridgett’s going to follow Ramsay’s advice and marry her amazing chef.

We sure hope Ramsay is able to make it to the wedding.

Congrats to Bridgett and her talented fiancé!

gordon ramsay actually complimented someones food and twitters going crazy 2 Gordon Ramsay Actually Complimented Someones Food And Twitters Going Crazy

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