This Wife Got A Cop to Help Her Surprise Her Husband With An Unexpected Pregnancy Reveal

Usually, getting pulled over buy a cop is cause for some serious panic and nerves — unless, of course, that cop is pulling you over to tell you some fantastic news.

Jarred and Nikki Wright are a couple living in Hurst, Texas. And, as a veteran who served a tour in Afghanistan, Jarred has recently been experiencing considerable anxiety and PTSD. Jarred tells BuzzFeed News that the panic attacks have been debilitating. 

“It’s been rough. Sleepless nights, panic attacks, hospital visits, unnecessary stress on my family.”

During one particularly rough episode, Jarred phone a crisis hotline, and police officers showed up at his home to ensure that he was alright. One of the responders was Hurst Police Department Officer Todd Colichia, who was able to calm Jarred down and develop a rapport with him. 

“He and I, we were just able to connect,” Colichia told BuzzFeed News. “I guess because he and I both share service. We just by chance happened to meet up on the call and we were able to connect, and he was able to come back to us.”

When Nikki received news last month that she was pregnant with the couple’s second child, she knew she needed to find the right way to tell Jarred.

“She wanted to tell Jarred but she also did not want him to have any issues with PTSD, and since he and I had history she thought it would be great for me to be part of it,” Colichia says. “I felt honored, for one, that she would even allow me to be part of it, because that’s a huge moment in anyone’s life,” he said.

So, Nikki engineered a sneaky plot where she Colichia would pull over the expectant couple while they were driving to lunch one day. Unbeknownst to Jarred, Nikki was filming the entire time, and had the positive pregnancy test with her.

When the lights of the squad car flashed on and signaled for Jarred to pull over, Colichia walked up to the car window and stated. “The reason why I stopped you is because you’ve got a child in the car with no child seat.” When Jarred looked around, perplexed, he saw that Nikki was holding up a positive pregnancy test, and the realization (and shock) suddenly dawned on him. 

“I didn’t have my wallet or license on me, so all I’m thinking about is how much this ticket is gonna cost me,” Jarred said. “Then she hit me with the surprise and I was relieved. I was ecstatic and I went into complete shock. I felt elated.”

Colichia says he was simply happy to help Nikki and Jarred on such a special day.

“I hope it works out for them, just like I hope it works out for every soldier who comes back,” he said.“Anything I can do for them, for anybody else in the service, I will. This is my job.”

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