16 Clever Hacks That Confirm Moms Are Basically Super Heroes

The day and life of being a mom comes with a lot of unexpected situations. Kids are so unpredictable which is why it’s essential to think outside the box and work with whatever you have at the moment. From easy, everyday fixes to life-changing mom hacks, these Instagram moms discovered crafty ways to make parenting life just a little easier.

1. How to distract kids from unwanted noise.

2. Turn much needed medicine into candy.

How we do ear infections + amoxicillin in this house, it's a candy medicine party🎉 🎉🎉 #momhack #momlife

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3. Learning can be fun with legos.

4. Make their car seat sleeping experience better.

5. Store toys in a creative way.

6. Make veggies look cool by turning your muffin tin into a fun serving dish.

7. Pop bananas into the freezer after they don’t look so good.

8. Try ice cube trays when you want to meal prep.

9. When you don’t have popsicles handles, try option B.

10. Turn your traveling into a win with snacks and stickers.

11. Because kids make a lot of stains.

12. If your kids tend to run in different directions.

13. How to make watermelons look more enticing to eat.

My new favorite way to cut #watermelon! #squirmywormy #momhack

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14. Switch it up with straws.

#babyhack #momhack #lazymom

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15. Hey, no judgement with iPads here.

#MomHack: Doritos and iPad. You're welcome. 😘 Also, they're all sitting the same way, but mirrored. 😂

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16. And when you seriously just need a laugh.

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