Simone Biles Fired Back At ‘DWTS’ Judges Who Wanted Her To Smile

Olympic gold medalist and all-around adorable human being, Simone Biles, has been one of our favorite female athletes since last summer’s Rio Olympics. Aside from her superhuman gymnastic abilities, Simone reminds us that she’s also a very real 20-year-old girl who fangirls over hot celebs—like Zac Efron—the same way we do.

After her successful Olympic season came to a close, the young athlete signed on for a season of Dancing With The Stars where she is being challenged in entirely new ways. Fortunately, Biles hasn’t lost any of her spunky fire and this week’s episode proved just how fierce of a competitor she continues to be and how much BS she’s not willing to take.

Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles is notorious for her superhuman gymnastic abilities as well as her lovable, bubbly personality.

925765 2 Simone Biles Fired Back At DWTS Judges Who Wanted Her To Smile

A member of the self-proclaimed Final Five, Biles stole our hearts after her performance at last year’s Rio Olympics and of course—her totally relatable fan-girling over Zac Efron.

After her success at the Rio Olympics last summer, Biles signed on for a season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

abc simone biles sasha farber dwts ml 170228 4x3 992 Simone Biles Fired Back At DWTS Judges Who Wanted Her To Smile

Much like her performance in the gym, the stunning athlete has excelled in each round of the on-screen dance competition.

However, the judges have consistently been giving her a hard time for not letting her smiley personality shine through her dancing.

screen shot 2017 05 09 at 1 27 11 pm Simone Biles Fired Back At DWTS Judges Who Wanted Her To Smile

Maybe she doesn’t always feel like smiling! Goddamn.

After the 20-year-old completed her first dance on Monday night, one judge remarked on her lack of authenticity and emotional range.

“Your skills are unquestionable,” Carrie Ann Inaba told her. “You hit every line with precision and perfection. But once again, I’m going to come back to performance and authenticity about who you are when you perform. … You have this beautiful smile and you are a megastar with your energy, but once in a while, there’s beauty without a smile. There’s beauty in pain and all of the other emotions, and I’d like to see more of that.”

Judge Julianne Hough agreed, and added “I don’t know if the smile is authentic because you want to smile, or if it’s just because you rehearsed it that way. … I really just want to see some rawness come out.”

After her second performance, a moving Paso Trio to the tune of a Chainsmoker’s track, Biles was again told by the judges that she wasn’t being raw enough.

Judge Inaba praised Biles, but tells her to be careful not to dance “like a metronome” precisely on the beat.

So, basically don’t be *too* perfect? Really?

Then, host Tom Bergeron turned to Simone and asked her why she wasn’t smiling after hearing this feedback. To which the young star had the best possible response.

925765 2 Simone Biles Fired Back At DWTS Judges Who Wanted Her To Smile

Simone politely turned to Bergeron and said, “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.”


Talk about straight fire, this is yet another reason we respect the hell out of Biles.

Of course, the internet was shook and rallied behind Simone.

FYI: Never ask a woman to smile, especially not one who could crush you with all of her gold medals.

925765 22 Simone Biles Fired Back At DWTS Judges Who Wanted Her To Smile

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