13 Things Nearly Everyone Has Done But Won’t Admit

People do some weird things sometimes. Although we tend to point fingers on other people’s faults, we forget we’re far from perfect ourselves. And being human makes people do some weird shit, no matter how much we try and live by the behavior that is sociably acceptable.  A group of Redditors responded to the question, “what has nearly everyone done but won’t admit to?” and it was awkwardly spot on.

Here is a selection of the answers we all know to be true and yes, I left out quite a few of the terribly gross ones because you already know them in your mind and you’re welcome.

1. SultanOfSwing22 is right about when the pressure is on.

During maths exams in the past I’ve used my calculator for even the simplest sums…just to make sure.

2. Pielo points out the awkwardly obvious restroom scenario.

Waited in the bathroom stall for whoever else was in there to leave first before coming out because they heard you destroy it.

3. Peanut55 knows we all have one movie we’re embarrassed to say we like.

Watched and enjoyed that movie that everyone seems to hate.

4. MrFuxIt has a friendly reminder about our parents having secrets, too.

There are millions of sweet little old men and women in their 60’s and 70’s who did a lot of cocaine back in the day.

5. PM-SOME-TITS knows you’re lying when you say that baby is cute.

Thought that someone’s baby looks ugly.

6. To Smileedude’s point, we’ve all tested a power we never had but secretly wanted.

Counted down to a traffic light changing and gotten disappointed when you weren’t psychic.

7. StructuralFailure reminds us that we like looking at ourselves.

Checked themselves out in a window.

8. GoldenTogepi on how we’ve pretended to smell good.

Sprayed deodorant on clothes instead of washing them

9. PurpleDjango is spot on about food and siblings.

Stole a snack that was meant for your sibling. Cmon’ we’ve all done it. Worth it too. Mwaahahahahaha

10. Broadband2014 on Labor Day and its fashion rules.

Wore white after Labor day.

11. We know it’s bad but Korypal is absolutely true.

Texting while driving, it’s bad, everyone knows it’s bad and says how stupid it is but I see it everyday during my commute. Maybe not just texting but checking an email or picking a new song, i’ve done it too and it’s stupid but so many people do it but will then say how bad it is.

12. Captainedk knows we have all lost our temper in the car even if we’re not known for having road rage.

Say unspeakable things while driving and someone cuts you off.

13. Soggy_Loops knows you’ve jammed out to this guy before.

Listened to and enjoyed at least one Nickelback song.

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