Someone Created A Romper For Men, And Twitter Utterly Loathes It

Just when you thought there were areas of fashion that were still safe, it seems a new atrocity has reared its unwelcome and unflattering head: a romper, specifically designed for men, called a RompHim.

Yes. Men everywhere are apparently clamoring to wear the same dainty onesies sported by frustrated women everywhere, who have to remove the entire clothing item when they pee. Guys are so adamant about not being left out that they wanted in on the romper game (which is honestly not even that great of a game).

The RompHim (and yes, whoever thought of this named should be flogged) gained notoriety thanks to its Kickstarter page.

screen shot 2017 05 16 at 12 12 37 pm Someone Created A Romper For Men, And Twitter Utterly Loathes It

As the website states, each male romper comes with buttoned waist tabs “to help you get the most flattering contours possible,” as well as a zippered fly and pockets.

Thus far, the Kickstarter has raised over $65,000 out of the original $10,000 goal … so, it seems like this thing is definitely happening, whether we like it or not.

Naturally, Twitter responded loud and clear.

Many people were utterly perplexed at what sort of fragile masculinity compelled people to make a romper geared towards men.

Many were far more concerned with the problematic branding.

Twitter is simply NOT having it.

Because, honestly — can any guy really pull off this look?

Some guys were into the idea, though.

To be fair, while I appreciate both gender having access to rompers, I’m not really sure this is what the fashion world needs right now. But perhaps I’m just pissed that guys are edging in on our closets.

After all, if Sean Connery could wear one, maybe other men deserve the chance to wear rompers, too. (Just kidding, other men are not Sean Connery.)

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