11 Signs You’re Dating An Alpha Female

What is an alpha female?

An alpha female is strong, assertive and unapologetically herself. All of these qualities can make her intimidating to some potential suitors—who might not be able to handle a bold and confident woman—but for those who appreciate her, she will be a fierce and loyal partner.

If by some chance, you’re unsure as to whether or not an alpha female is in your midst, these are a few undeniable ways to tell.

1. She has a natural, but humble confidence.

One of the most notable traits of an alpha female is her self confidence—she is comfortable in her own skin and is always upfront about who she is. That being said, she is never cocky or boastful but simply positive and alluring to those who meet her.

2. She’s not a pushover but she’s willing to discuss compromise.

When it comes to a difference of opinion, an alpha female is not easily swayed. Some will say she’s hard-headed, but she just knows how to stand her ground. However, she is open to negotiation and meeting the other person halfway when necessary.

3. She’s extremely driven in all areas of her life.

Whether it be in her personal relationships or her career, an alpha female is extremely motivated to succeed. She isn’t easily discouraged and takes constructive criticism in stride. There is no goal out of reach and no hurdle she can’t surpass, so don’t test her.

4. She doesn’t take any bullshit and she’ll call you out on yours.

If you’re lucky enough to be dating an alpha female, she isn’t going to put up with any of that petty BS drama that often comes up in relationships. She doesn’t give AF whose Instagram picture you liked or what gossip her friends are spreading, but she also isn’t going to let you slide if you give her crap for something equally as superficial.

5. She speaks her mind and doesn’t worry herself with the opinions of others.

An alpha female never beats around the bush, she will let you know exactly how she feels and is unapologetically outspoken. If she has something to say, she’s going to say it regardless of how it may look or sound to other people. Sorry, not sorry.

6. She isn’t afraid to attack problems head-on and she doesn’t shy away from conflict.

When you encounter conflict as a couple, she prefers to lay out the problem and tackle it full force. She’s not the type to let things marinate, she wants to find a solution and take the steps necessary to get there—much like she would in her career. Of course, this can be kind of a double-edged sword in some cases, but for the most part it’s a plus because you never have to play guessing games.

7. She is unapologetic about her beliefs, but respects those of others.

Another significant trait of an alpha female is her ability to be firm in her beliefs whether they be spiritual or principal. She’s also extremely respectful of those who believe differently than she does as long as they are not causing any harm and she doesn’t put up with ignorance or bigotry.

8. She’s active and enjoys living life in the fast lane.

For the alpha woman, life should be lived to the fullest at every opportunity. She’s the opposite of a homebody and enjoys being outdoors and going places. That being said, she can still enjoy a comfortable night in now and then because tbh, being such a strong woman can be exhausting.

9. She’s not scared of being alone, but she will tell you how much she appreciates you.

A huge portion of what makes up an alpha female is her independence. She is more than content being on her own and finds happiness in herself. However, if she is in a relationship she truly cares about she will let the other person know how much of an impact they make on her life. She won’t let their contribution to her life go unacknowledged or unappreciated.

10. She never gives up on what matters to her.

Perhaps one of her most endearing qualities is her inability to give up on what she cares about most. An alpha female will fight for a relationship if she knows it’s worth having and she won’t let go.

11. She’s extremely loyal.

In addition to all of her strength-exhibiting traits, an alpha female is probably the most loyal girlfriend you could ever hope for. When she falls for someone, she’s all in and she doesn’t take kindly to anyone who questions that.

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