15 Tattoos For Anyone Who’d Say Life By The Beach Is So “Me”

Daydreaming about the beach? We’ve got the ultimate challenge for you. Take some time off and go somewhere with sand and salt water ASAP. Don’t think about logistics, just go. Because life should be an adventure. And if you want more of a permanent fix, bring the beach to you by inking yourself. No matter what, if you really love the seaside, you’ll probably love these tattoos.

1. This eclectic group of seashells.

2. This lighthouse surrounded by waves.

3. This whale tale that also might remind you of mermaids.

4. This delicate soaring sea gull tattoo.

5. This tropical palm tree.

Tattoo koh Phangan ▪️ Perfect quality

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6. This group of waves.

Life by the sea…that's for me. #🌊 comment your favourite place to travel:👇✨

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7. This black and white shark tooth.

8. This beach cruiser tattoo.

9. This circular sailboat landscape.

10. This simple yet classic anchor.

11. This paradise in a bottle.

12. This small but mighty conch shell.

13. This salt water dot work.

Latest ink 💪🏼 saltwater in my blood, sand beneath my feet

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14. These cool shades with an ocean sunset reflection.

15. This middle panoramic arm beach tattoo.


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