17 People Share Things They Believe Will Gain Popularity Over Time

If you could predict the future, what would it look like? Hot topics like self driving cars, robots and anything that has to do with automation is all the buzz right now but there are other things to be aware of. Whether it’s an old invention suddenly picking up speed or something new, keep your eyes peeled for what these Redditors had to say about things that are slowly becoming popular.

1. Arkofjoy on how energy saving has just begun.

Passive solar designed homes. More and more people are figuring out that if their house designed correctly, they will save on energy costs for the life of the house. 

2. Tacos for breakfast should be more of a thing. Austin, TX is doing it right and hopefully more American cities will follow suit.

Tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. – Dukescoot

3. If you’re looking to put a ring on it, ltdan8033 has a great idea.

Moissanite engagement rings. Beautiful colorless gems that are almost as hard as diamonds (9.2 vs 10), conflict free, almost impossible to tell apart from diamonds, and 1/10 the cost. There is becoming almost no reason to buy a diamond.

4. CatTaxAuditor wants you to know there are better board games than the classics.

Board games are having a golden age. Dozens and dozens of great games are coming out every year, building on what designers are learning from other great designers and tons of community involvement. There are board games to suit literally every taste, including if you don’t like playing games with other people. If you like board games but all you’ve played is Monopoly or Catan, I strongly encourage you to go to a board game meet up (check meetup.com) or take a look around /r/boardgames here on reddit. It’s a great time to love analog gaming.

5. Gwiss is dropping history about a guy we all should’ve known about a while ago.

Frederick Douglass. He’s being recognized more and more.

6. Escape rooms are getting popular but will it continue?

If they keep changing rooms, swapping themes, new story lines and clues they do fine. We have a local one that changes a room out every 8-12 months. Their repeat customers LOVE it. – DragonZOM

7. Cowboy_dude6 dropped some science knowledge.

Nanotechnology in medicine. Medical advances are weird because of the protracted clinical trial system we have. It goes like this: radical new technology is shown to work in rat models, and so it goes to clinical trials. Meanwhile, all the sensationalist sites get ahold of the study and report on said radical new technology as if it’s going to start saving human lives tomorrow. Because the technology is still being tested, however, it doesn’t show up for a while, and people either forget about it or dismiss the initial reports as pure hype or a false alarm. But then a few years pass, and the new tech gets talked about more and more. By the time it finishes testing, it no longer seems new or radical, and next thing you know the new tech is everywhere.

The point of all this is, nanotechnology in medicine is going to be like that. It’s already showing massive promise (and animal model results!) in areas like oncology and cardiology. These treatments seem radical now, but don’t be surprised when nanoparticles are a super common cancer treatment in just a few years.

8. It’s just the beginning for certains kind of coffee shops according to Da_puginto.

“Weed” themed coffee shops in the US. There are coffee shops setting up inside cities that are just coffee shops now but are basically ready to immediately switch gears to smoke and coffee lounges when the inevitable legalization comes about.

9. Could Thewaywardmeme be right about millennials?

Where I live, lower-waste activities are becoming more and more popular. For instance, thrift-shopping, using your own water bottle instead of buying plastic, and composting everything. Many young people I know are turning away from materialistic activities and instead getting into gardening and hiking, activities that cost less and provide more long-lasting joy. Minimalism is also becoming much more popular. I read a different article almost every week about millennials killing an industry. Said industries include diamonds, anti-aging products, breakfast cereal and diet yogurt. If I were to guess, I think it’s because most millennials are too broke to spend money on luxuries that either don’t work (diet yogurt, anti-aging products) or no longer carry the same sort of high-status that they once did (diamonds).

10. Fgdncso knows a food trend when he sees one.

Poke restaurants. At least here is Seattle… I love it

11. Will mead actually become popular? Baardhooft thinks so.

Mead aka honey wine aka nectar of the gods

Yes, I am aware that mead is the oldest fermented beverage known to man. However, beer and wine became the predominant alcohols after the rise of agriculture when grapes and malt and yeast became easier to cultivate than honey. Mead has been largely forgotten by for centuries, and has been making a comeback in recent years. Also, most people have heard the word “mead” but have no idea what it is.

Also, mead has the same sugar content of wine with a similar sweetness. Just as some wines are very sweet (like moscato), some meads are very dry. The sweetness of meads varies just as greatly as it does between different types of wine.

12. Hypoviridae on how automation is just getting started.

Artificial intelligence (also Machine Learning) and the impact of automation on the work force.

13. Obeytrafficlights got deep.

New attitudes on death and dying. We have great technology to save the dying, but we as a people, dont really have a good way to die. keeping people in nursing homes or on ventilators for years is just not fiscally sound, fun, or emotionally healthy for anyone. The majority of doctors say they want minimal efforts to resuscitate them and for good reason-they have seen how things go. Time for people to start asking what they really want.

14. Count me in, Lewl_Owned.

Cider. As in alcoholic cider. Especially around me it is starting to boom!

15. BeBeBoomBox on kicking social media habits.

More and more people I know (including myself) are down-tuning their use of social media to it’s bare and original purpose. As information sources to be tapped at times, but not as hangouts and timewasters.

Especially people I know that have had any issues with depression, mental illness and the like are finding quiting these platforms liberating and lifechanging.

It is a trend and I hope it becomes a global trend. Social media has been a blight on mankind for nearly a decade now.

16. French316 on a popular New York ride sharing app that might later throw competitors under the bus.

Juno alternative to Uber and Lyft.

17. An old fitness activity is just getting started according to Baardhooft.

Climbing (bouldering) as a sport. It’s crazy. I remember a few years ago nobody would be doing it and there would be hardly any gyms. Now, in Germany, there are many gyms and a lot of people who are going climbing instead of to a regular gym. It’s still slowly catching up in other countries but here it’s definitely not the niche it used to be anymore.

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