Britney Spears’ Sons Pulled A Hilarious Prank On Their Mom And Her Revenge Will Be Sweet

It’s no secret that mothers possess all-knowing psychic capabilities, but even the most keen moms can’t possibly anticipate the actions of a few devious pranksters.

Mother of two pre-teen boys and international star, Britney Spears, is often the subject of her sons’ sneaky trickery. In their most recent prank, the boys took their mom’s phone and snuck up on her while she was cooking dinner. Fortunately for us, Britney decided to share the footage on her Instagram and it’s pure gold.

Watch Britney Spears’ sons hilariously scaring the sh*t out of their mom.

Pay back is a ……. well, I think you know, my friends 😜😂😜

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Jayden, 10 and 11-year-old Sean Preston, are notorious for teaming up to pull sinister pranks on their poor, unsuspecting mother while filming with her phone. On Sunday night, the devious duo struck again—this time while Britney was cooking dinner. Jayden was the cameraman for this particular ruse and Sean is seen in front of the camera sneaking up on his mom.

“We’ve just stolen mom’s phone and this is take two of scaring her,” he says.

With her focus on the stove and back turned to the camera, Britney didn’t notice her sneaky offspring (and their family Yorkie) creeping up behind her. Then, Sean began screaming at the top of his lungs and Britney flew back in shock, yelling at her sons. Of course, the two boys found this absolutely hilarious.

The singer shared this footage to her Instagram with the caption “Pay back is a…well, I think you know, my friends.”

Hopefully, this means we can expect an epic mom on son prank in the near future.

This isn’t the first time the boys have pranked their mother on camera, though, the pair also snuck up on Britney last September.

My damn kids 😂

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Poor Britney, can’t even walk around her own house in a robe without getting scared to death.

However, her sons aren’t the only pranksters in the family. Britney also has a few tricks up her sleeve—like this surprise she pulled on Kimmel last year.

Well, that’s one way to wake up. I would’ve gladly switched places with Kimmel in this scenario.

Like mother, like sons…I wonder what shenanigans they’ll pull next.

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