Parents Fought At A High School Graduation Because Adults Ruin Everything

You’d hope grown-ups could behave regardless of the situation—after all, isn’t that what adulthood is about? Then again, I wouldn’t really know—but especially at their own kids’ graduation ceremony at a church. Sometimes, unfortunately, adults can be way more childish than any high school student.

During a high school graduation ceremony—at a Memphis church, no less—parents broke out into a brawl.

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With “Pomp and Circumstance” playing for the Arlington High School graduates, parents in the audience started screaming and fighting at the Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee.

Things got intense. Like, really intense.

For the record, a high school graduation ceremony is probably not a good situation to start whaling on people.

So why did it happen?

“They got to fighting over a seat that the woman was saving for somebody else,” a witness told BuzzFeed News. “It was funny for me, but if that was my family I’d be pissed.”

These parents didn’t even offer to “cash me ousside,” they just started throwing down.

Here’s the brawl from a different angle:

And an extended clip from close up:

More footage of the fight and its aftermath:

One of the videos was filmed by Octavius Adams. He recalled, “I’m sitting here, going, is this really happening right now, in the church?” Octavius Adams said.

Adams noted that the video doesn’t fit the negative stereotypes: “I think it was important because most people have (the) general idea that things like that only happen in certain areas. They think it only happens towards a certain race, but my thing is behavior is human behavior, it’s not race behavior.”

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