People Are In Tears Over This Woman’s Relatable Post About Her Top Not Fitting Over Her Head

As many of us know firsthand, ordering clothing from online retailers is an adventurous undertaking which occasionally results in heartbreak, frustration and utter confusion.

One innocent online shopper recently discovered the hard way that what you order isn’t always what you get.

21-year-old Newcastle University student Olivia Skuce recently ordered a black mesh top from the online shop, Pretty Little Thing. The top only cost £10, so Skuce considered the item to be a total steal.

However, when the shirt finally arrived, Olivia came face-to-face with an embarrassing reality: she could not fit her head through the neck hole.

Skuce posted some hilarious images of her shirt struggle to Twitter, asking Pretty Little Thing why their top was so impossible to wear.

It soon became clear that Olivia wasn’t the only person experiencing this awkward predicament. Women everywhere responded with photos of their own hilariously depressing attempts to wear the mesh top.

Truly, this is the most incredible photo genre in existence.


Pretty Little Thing, to their credit, responded to Olivia and offered her a refund as well as a 25% discount on her next purchase. They also decided to discontinue the infuriating shirt, since it became astoundingly clear that nobody could wear the damn thing.

As for Olivia, she may have been a tad disappointed with her purchase, but the photos of other women sympathizing with her problem definitely made up for it.

“I didn’t expect the tweet to get so much reaction but it’s quite entertaining seeing other people’s replies,” she told Metro UK.

So, let this be a cautionary tale for all of us: if it seems like a great online shopping deal, proceed with caution. You may wind up with an awesome fashion piece, but you could also wind up with a shirt that only functions as a headband.

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