This Optical Illusion Picnic Photo Has Everybody Shook

Sadly, the reality of the daily news cycle is so despicable and depressing that the public often turns to divisive-yet-harmless optical illusions as coping mechanisms — so why should this week be any different?

A seemingly innocuous photo of a picnic was recently shared on a German Facebook site, and it features an optical illusion which is causing some major contention between disagreeing factions.

Basically: nobody can figure out if the large swath of gray at the back of the photo is a concrete wall, or a river.

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Think about it. At first you may feel confident in your respective answer, but take another look — are you really that confident with your choice?

At first, people seemed fairly confident that the object in question was simply a wall.

However, many people also came out in support of the river theory, citing somewhat compelling evidence. (And by “evidence” I mean “sheer speculation.”)

So, which is it?? Is it a concrete wall, topped with peeking foliage? Or, is it a wide river on an overcast day, with plants and trees on its opposite bank? TRULY, IT COULD GO EITHER WAY.

Personally, my guess is that this is a wall. (I say this not as an observation expert, but simply as a truly invested bystander.) Though the river theory is certainly compelling, upon closer inspection it appears that the plants which are supposedly on the opposite side of the “river” are not the proper size: any plants on the opposite side of a river this large would likely be far less distinguishable.

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(But really: I have to wear glasses to see my hand in front of my face, so my observation notes must be taken with a grain of salt.)

I would imagine that the sneaky German social media group behind this conundrum cleverly hid some important details behind that pesky orange box, making it impossible for anybody to prove whether or not their answer is correct — which means that we likely won’t get the answers to this puzzling riddle anytime soon.

Too bad nobody happens to have the intel on this random German backyard. (INTERNET, YOU HAVE FAILED ME.)

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