If He Doesn’t Even Try To Get You Off, Don’t Hook Up With Him

If he has sex with you but won’t finish you off then you’ve just been screwed — and not in a good way. He may have gotten away with that BS with other women, but you’re not them. If he doesn’t care about your orgasm, then he shouldn’t get to sleep with you.

1. Your ‘O’ matters just as much as his.

It doesn’t matter where he got the idea that a man has more of a right to finish than a woman, but he’s dead wrong. You have just as much right to your orgasm and you shouldn’t be ashamed to want to leave just as satisfied as he is. Whether you’re on the streets or beneath the sheets, you should always be equals.

2. If he doesn’t care about your orgasm then he doesn’t care about you.

That’s pretty damn obvious. If he doesn’t even care about you when you’re in his bed, how are you supposed to believe he cares about you in any other aspect of your life or the relationship? If sex means something to you and if you mean something to him then he’ll take your sex life a little more seriously.

3. If he doesn’t even try then he’s just plain lazy.

If he’s lazy in bed, he’ll be lazy with the rest of your relationship too. He doesn’t care about pleasing you — all he cares about is doing the bare minimum just to get by. You don’t need a man like that in your bed or in your life.

4. He’s using you.

Are you really okay with that? Even if it’s just a fuck buddy situation, if you’re not getting your orgasm then he’s the only one really benefitting from the “relationship.” If you’re trying to get him off, he needs to try just as hard to get you off too. At the end of the day, it’s only fair if you both leave the bed fully satisfied.

5. He wouldn’t appreciate it if he were in your shoes.

Can you leave him with blue balls? No? Well, then he doesn’t get to leave you unsatisfied either. Women have just as much desire to finish as men do. You’re allowed to enjoy sex too and you’re also allowed to enjoy the hell out of each and every orgasm. If he keeps denying you, then it’s about time you start denying him.

6. You’re better off with your vibrator.

At least your vibrator never lets you down in the bedroom. You get to be in control and you’ll be sure to always get your orgasm. If he doesn’t care about getting you off, you’re better off going at it alone. Scratch his name off your list and next time you’re in need of some physical stress relief, don’t call him — turn to your bedside table.

7. You’ll be settling for a guy who really is bad in bed.

The worst part is he doesn’t even care about being good in bed. He doesn’t even try because all he cares about is his own orgasm. If he wanted to be good in bed, if he cared at all, he’d be concerned with pleasing you and not just himself. Do you really want to keep going back for bad sex with a guy who can’t even get you off?

8. He’s selfish AF.

Do you really want to waste your time on a selfish lover? If he’s not willing to give then he shouldn’t be able to get — not your heart and not your body. You deserve a generous lover, a guy who gives as much as he gets. A real man will ask you if you’re done and if you’re not, he’ll be more than willing to give you an oral exam. The relationship shouldn’t be all about him, so make sure he doesn’t forget that you’re there too.

9. He should know how to make you orgasm.

At the very least, he should care to learn. If he doesn’t ask if you’ve finished then he doesn’t care if you have. Maybe he’s embarrassed by the fact that he couldn’t make you come, but if that’s true then he’s too immature for a sexual relationship. After all, you know your vagina better than he does, so you’re the best coach for him.

10. Wish him the best of luck with his hand.

If he’s expecting you to finish yourself off, then he can do the same. Why does he get more out of the relationship than you do? An orgasm should always be a two-way street. You scratch his back and he scratches yours. Either you both benefit or neither of you do. If he’s expecting all the perks with none of the work, then he’s not good enough to even hook up with you.

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