This guy gave his girlfriend a bunch of kale because he thought it was a flower, bless his heart

For some boyfriends, shopping for presents isn’t an intuitive skill. Even though their hearts are in the right place, their taste for gift-giving veers into the absurd and baffling. They are the boyfriends who could very well wind up giving you a bottle opener for your birthday. (This is not a random example. This happened to me.)

One such boyfriend recently went viral when what he assumed was a beautiful bouquet for his girlfriend turned out to be a bunch of leafy greens.

Twitter user @JayJailyn was utterly in tears when her boyfriend surprised her with the unorthodox salad bouquet. Apparently, he assumed that it was some kind of exotic flower. Thankfully, @JayJailyn found the whole misunderstanding to be adorably sweet and hilarious.

Twitter was completely charmed by the gift (although people pointed out that the “lettuce” in question was actually purple kale, which somehow makes the whole thing even funnier).

Everyone agreed: this boyfriend gets an A++ for effort.

And, honestly, the bundle of kale really does look decorative.

It’s rare to find such an earnestly sweet soul (who is so monumentally bad at identifying flowers).

Some people couldn’t help but get a little emotional over the kale bouquet.

This boyfriend is just trying his best, y’all.

On the upside, kale is definitely a trendy vegetable among hip foodies, so perhaps this gift will actually turn out to be more useful than a simple, decorative bouquet of flowers. (And, to be fair, kale used to be used as decoration before people decided it was actually edible.)

I just hope that, if these two ever get married, there are kale bouquets all over the damn place.

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