11 people reveal the biggest wedding disasters they’ve ever witnessed

Weddings are often thought of as these wondrous, cheerful occasions full of love and happiness. However, in my opinion, the most entertaining weddings are the ones that go hilariously opposite from planned.

Reddit asked its users about the biggest wedding disasters they’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing and their responses are pure gold.

1. cindell witnessed a less than enthusiastic speech from the groom’s mother.

“And now, some words by the mother of the groom”.

“I give them six months”. Mic drop, leaves.

Groom hasn’t talked to her since.

2. GrouchyWaitress probably didn’t see that coming.

Not a wedding itself, but a small pre-wedding, not rehearsal-dinner with bride, groom, and a few friends doing the tasting menu at my restaurant. Probably halfway through the tasting, one of the managers goes out to the courtyard and hears something… the bride is fucking the groom’s brother at the side of the building. It’s not exactly a very secretive spot. He asked them to please stop as politely as possible and go back inside, which they did. They go back to the table and as far as I know, the groom didn’t find out (that night anyway) but the girl definitely had to notice the entire staff laughing at her for the rest of the night.

3. Well, at least it was entertaining for UknowNOTHINjon.

Once worked a wedding were the bride’s stepdad tried to hit the bride with a chair. The same wedding, the best man teep kicked the mother of the bride. It was easily the best wedding I’ve worked.

4. Z123BEE probably should have called the cops.

The wedding had an all out brawl with 30+ men fighting. It started because one of the grooms-men’s girlfriends was being aggressively hit on by the brides cousin, guy wouldn’t take no as an answer and then he apparently grabbed her ass. And then all hell broke out as each side tried to break it up but then just ended up fighting. The best part the mother of the bride kept screaming she was gonna call all of the guys fighting mothers.

5. SlicedBread35 had to deal with a sneaky thief that almost destroyed the wedding.

In late 2009 I worked in a hotel hosting a wedding reception

One of the guests was caught trying to steal some of the bride and groom’s presents, and instead of being apologetic, or just leaving, she threw a tantrum (i didn’t understand what she was talking about, as I didn’t know any of the people) then a small fight broke out, and people were escorted from the hotel, as the bride verbally abused two of the security staff.

6. This would happen to me too, hoss292.

Not only witness, but caused:

Was working as a Maitre D’ and after the bride and groom cut the cake, I was taking it to the kitchen to be cut and served and dropped it. In front of everybody.

Luckily the bride and groom were really good about it, and we always would get two sheet cakes of whatever the actual cake was in case we ran out, so we used those for the guests and were still able to serve everyone cake.

7. Tomahawk757‘s story sounds like a great movie plot.

Went to a wedding with my girlfriend. We were at the “college friends” table. I was still in college and everyone else at the table was about 5 years past their drinking prime. They tried to hang, they got crazy drunk. At the end of the night the bride and groom were going to do a grand exit. I went back to the table to get my jacket my gf asked me to carry one of her friends that was passed out face down on the table. She was about 90lbs soaking wet so I agree. Make it about half way to the grand exit spot the girl wakes up and starts punching me for all she is worth. I trip the girl and me fly into a table destroying it wrestling style. Turns out the bride and groom are right there queuing up to walk out. I congratulate them, beautiful wedding etc. pick up drunk girl over my shoulder and walk out. The drunk friend spent the ride back to the hotel making out with my lower leg. Good times.

8. That’s one harsh pastor, Back2Bach.

At a church wedding, the Pastor saw that about a dozen people had large bags of confetti to throw at the couple on the church steps following the ceremony.

He warned everyone not to do so because it created a large clean-up mess for the church staff. The priest went on to add, “Throw $20-bills instead, or I’ll withhold the couple’s marriage license until the wedding party cleans it up.”

Well, they threw all the confetti anyway, just to spite the pastor. The several tiers of front steps and sidewalk were plastered with it. And true to his word, he wouldn’t present the license until they got out brooms and trash barrels to clean it up thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the bride left in the limo with tears and her groom livid instead of celebrating their wedding day.

9. DAMN, jacconnor.

I’m a photographer, and was working with a super sweet couple. Everything was normal up until the cocktail hour. My partner and I were setting stuff up for the reception, and the groom comes up to us and that DJ asking if he can play a video for his wife. We assume it’s some cute slideshow or something.

Toasts happen, then the video starts to play. Turns out the bride was sleeping with the best man, and the video was from a PI. The whole room went silent. Bride runs out, best man goes to follow her, groom’s father punches best man out.

Everyone else ended up staying and having a great party. Super nice people, I ended up shooting the groom’s second wedding.

I asked him why we went though with it, apparently they had a prenup. At the time of divorce, if adultery could be proven, the offending party owed the other 15k.

10. Zer_0 should write a book about this.

Former wedding photographer here! – flower girl’s dress turned out to be see through in the sunlight. They still wanted her pictures. – Dj didn’t show up and groomsmen used iPod. It was fine until Hurt covered by Johnny Cash came on. Turns out one of the groomsmen had it bad for the bride. – brother in law stole all of the donated money from the family and cash dance. The couple couldn’t pay the vendors, or go on their humble honeymoon.

I was actually the bride in the second example.

11. misswrenbird had to deal with a real-life monster-in-law.

The bride wanted to be alone for a bit before the wedding and asked me to deliver the bouquet to her dressing room. So I went over and the mother of the groom was at the dressing room door screaming and banging on the door to be let in because of COURSE the bride needed her help. She kept saying ‘ your mother is dead so this is my job’. To top it all off she was wearing a cream dress. I texted the bride, not wanting to open the door or go near that mess and luckily was able to hand her the bouquet through a window.

Luckily, when the maid of honor got there she threw wine on the mother of the grooms dress forcing her to change. Then, half way through the night when the groom heard him mother say the bride’s mother was dead AGAIN he threw her out.

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