5 reasons to say “hell yeah” this week

We’ve finally made it to Friday and a well-deserved three day weekend is only a few hours from our grasps, thank god. However, before we collectively skip off into sweet freedom—let’s take a look back at all of the positive news we shared with you this week.

What better way to kick off the weekend?

1. This 10-year-old boy and his insane makeup skills

screen shot 2017 05 24 at 11 24 46 am1 5 reasons to say hell yeah this week

At only 10 years old, Jack is an infinitely better makeup artist than we can ever hope to be and people are absolutely loving him. Under the username @makeuupbyjack, this cosmetically talented prodigy has an impressive Instagram following of over 60K people and I can certainly see why.


2. This woman’s genius response to guys asking her for nudes

screen shot 2017 05 26 at 12 38 48 pm 5 reasons to say hell yeah this week

An Imgur post from last year recently went viral, thanks its brilliant example of a woman trolling a thirsty dude.

The woman in question apparently wasn’t feeling it when her texting Romeo solicited her for nude pics. So, she decided to choose the best possible way of making her suitor look foolish: she sent him photos of a loading screen.


3. Chrissy Teigen skipping the Billboard Awards to see Magic Mike Live

screen shot 2017 05 22 at 10 15 10 am1 5 reasons to say hell yeah this week

After a jaw-dropping performance from the sultry vocal stylings of John Legend at the Billboard Music Awards, we quickly realized that his better half—Chrissy Teigen—had not shown up to the event. But, before you get too upset Chrissy had a pretty good excuse and we honestly can’t blame her. She explained on Twitter that she was spending time with family in Vegas.

Of course, Teigen couldn’t possibly have a quiet night in while in Vegas and decided to take her gal pals to go see Magic Mike Live.


4. This Instagram model who opened up about her unrealistic retouched photos

screen shot 2017 05 24 at 10 44 42 am2 5 reasons to say hell yeah this week

Flipping through magazines or scrolling through Instagram, you’re likely to come across dozens of photos of impossibly perfect women. And, even though we may know, rationally, that these women probably aren’t perfect, it’s still hard to stop oneself from making comparisons.

Iskra is a body-positive model who is constantly endeavoring to share uplifting messages of self-acceptance on Instagram. However, it hasn’t always been easy for her to practice the self-love that she preaches. Recently, Iskra shared several lingerie photos of herself, which she labeled as “HEAVILY retouched.”


5. This little girl’s hilarious teacher evaluation

Mason Cross‘ 11-year-old daughter filled out her teacher’s end-of-year evaluation in a very thoughtful and deliberate manner — but, when asked what her teacher could do better, she felt the need to express her dissatisfaction with her teacher’s chosen form of punishment. Specifically, she feels her teacher’s behavior is in violation of the Geneva Convention. (Which is a pretty intense thing for an 11-year-old to say.)


Happy Friday!

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