One little girl gave her teacher the most hilariously brutal evaluation, and Twitter is here for it

It’s the end of the school year, which means that teacher evaluations are inevitable. This is the time of year when students cant express what’s on their mind, how they feel about their teachers, and what constructive criticism they would offer for the curriculum.

And, in some cases, they can even accuse their teachers of war crimes!

Mason Cross‘ 11-year-old daughter filled out her teacher’s end-of-year evaluation in a very thoughtful and deliberate manner — but, when asked what her teacher could do better, she felt the need to express her dissatisfaction with her teacher’s chosen form of punishment. Specifically, she feels her teacher’s behavior is in violation of the Geneva Convention. (Which is a pretty intense thing for an 11-year-old to say.)

Twitter was 100% supportive of Mason’s daughter’s snappy response

When asked how old his daughter is, Cross was sure to note that his daughter is well beyond her years in terms of emotional maturity.

It seems pretty evident that this little girl is destined for greatness, based on her ballsy response.

And, for the record, pretty much everyone is in agreement: the girl deserves some damn ice cream.

Though this particular teacher evaluation is a tad salty, it actually serves as pretty indisputable proof that the teacher in question is actually getting through to her students. I mean, how many prepubescent kids do you know who could bring up the Geneva Convention in an argument?


Give this girl ice cream for the rest of her damn life.

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