14 class clown stories that’ll leave you dumbfounded

There’s a fine line between being a class clown or just being a douchebag. From playful humor to poking fun, there are endless ways they attract attention. The lucky ones are reputable legends. But if done incorrectly, they’re just known as the one who did it wrong. Here is a mix of Redditors sharing ridiculously bad and hilariously good things people have done to get others talking.

1. Superglued his head to the desk – Murraytrees

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2. Jumped out of a 3rd floor window to go get a better view of a fight happening in the parking lot. This was the end of June so everyone was getting a little insane by that point. – LoJohn

3. A dude in my math class brought in a garbage bag full of donuts once. Like, 20 minutes after the class started he just breezes in with this magical bag of pastries. – Ducks_own

4. Pretty sure it’s not the wildest thing he did, but the best thing he did was ask to be dismissed in the middle of class, then came back 10mins later with a full pizza meal combo (including an order of garlic bread bites for me). He then proceeded to turn to the unbemused teacher and stated “I found this in the bathroom”. – Momomoca

5. Dressed as an elf, ran into the end of year assembly and shouted “there’s a troll in the dungeon” – RhapsodyTapes

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6. He started laughing, math teacher saw him, he couldn’t hold the laughter, because of that he accidentally spit saliva in teacher’s face. – Stefanelromania

7. Came to school during​ school spirit week (a week where we had a more relaxed dress code if it had to do with school spirit) wearing nothing but boxers and duct tape in the schools colors. – EAH5515

8. One time we had a sub in math in 11th grade and the kid spent a solid twenty minutes trying to swallow a whole spoon. He got it down, but then about twenty seconds later started throwing up the spoon. – ThiccMLK

9. Done a cartwheel in French class, shouted “You bastard!” at the teacher and got thrown out. That was great. – Lewistronzo

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10. In 5th grade a kid whipped out a newspaper in the middle of class. – Happykamper991

11. He ate a jellyfish and said it was “the kale of the ocean”. Was on YouTube somewhere but it disappeared into the depths of low-view videos. – Alphanumericsprawl

12. I like deadpan humor a lot, so this may only be funny to me, but I was in Latin class and we were having a normal class and this kid asks to go get a drink. He comes back a minute later, sits down, everyone is doing their work. Then we hear a loud crunch sound. We look over, and the kid is eating a whole carrot in the middle of latin class. The teacher asks him ‘Are you eating a carrot?!’ the kid just says yes and returns to his work. Then the class laughs.

Idk if you guys think that’s funny, but I like deadpan humor a lot, so my opinion may be a bit different. – Fez_Mast-er

13. Proposed to the teacher. Got her a cheap plastic ring, wore a suit, the whole thing. Took the time out of class to get down on one knee and asked her to marry him. – HeliraLaordyn

14 class clown memories thatll leave you dumbfounded 2 14 class clown stories thatll leave you dumbfounded

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