These new glowing eyelashes are so extra, you may actually want a pair

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers are truly pushing the limits of cosmetic trends this year, and I must applaud their truly commendable efforts. However, that doesn’t change the fact that many of these innovative beauty trends are totally bonkers. (Just one woman’s humble opinion.)

The most recent in (literally) eyebrow-raising fads? A pair of glowing fake eyelashes that will pulse, flash and change color at the touch of a button. Because, in case you were unaware, we are indeed living in the damn future.

These unusual eyelashes are called F.lashes, and they won’t go on sale until July. However, the co-designer behind this rave-friendly beauty product, Tien Pham, has been doing an excellent job of drumming up word-of-mouth via the brand’s Facebook page.

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Apparently, F.lashes will be available in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow and green. The lashes have multiple flash settings which can be adjusted via a hair clip placed on the back of one’s head. (Which is, honestly, amazing.)

The eyelash accessories are powered with a lightweight watch battery that lasts up to four hours and can be changed out as needed.

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The lashes can be applied with basic eyelash glue, and apparently only take about two minutes to apply to the eyelid. Although they don’t emit any heat, and are sweat-resistant, they are definitely not waterproof — so you probably wouldn’t want to use these babies for your “Singin’ In the Rain” routine.

Though it’s still unclear how much the lashes will cost, Pham tells Metro UK that he’s looking to make them as accessible as possible. “I don’t know exactly how much right now. I’m still doing the calculations, but I am going to keep the price as low as possible because I really just want people to have these.”

While I’m still somewhat skeptical about any beauty product that requires batteries to function, I have to admit that these lashes honestly look ridiculously fun — provided all that flashing doesn’t give you double-vision.

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