13 bartenders share the most ridiculous pickup lines they’ve ever heard

Anyone who has ever bartended knows that while the job can be stressful at times, it never fails to be entertaining. There are all kinds of people watching to do at a crowded bar and the employees have a front seat.

That being said, Reddit decided to ask its bartending users about the most clever pickup lines they’ve ever heard. Let’s just say, their responses did not disappoint.

1. I bet xray_anonymous learned a lesson from Ben.

Bar tended in college. Guy walked up to a girl at the bar, goes “Hi my name is Ben*, and I’m going to buy you drinks until you find me attractive.” Girl smiled and laughed and he asked what she would like to drink. She looked him over (he was already very attractive), turned to me and said “In that case, I’ll have a water.” He definitely got it that night.

2. That’s actually kind of cute, AnxiousTester.

Bartender/server here. Buzzed gentleman extends hand to slightly more buzzed woman and asks,” will you hold this while I step outside?” They come back after sharing a cigarette. Pay the tab, take a cab together to wherever.

3. WhiteCaterpillar discovered that all you really need are some killer dance moves.

Saw a dude standing at the bar waiting to order drinks when it was his round and a Britney Spears song comes on. He just happily sings along and wiggles his hips, waiting to order drinks. Wasn’t showing off or trying to be funny, just happily doin’ his thang. The chick next to him was staring the whole time laughing and when he noticed, he just smiled and nodded and went right back to it. She took the bait and that was that.

4. Well, at least she tried jordonblu. 

(male) not the smoothest line ever but the best one used on me. I work in a bar/restaurant in San Francisco and these two Australian girls came in. One had a boyfriend and she said “I plan on getting so drunk that I get carried home tonight.” and the single girl turned to me and said, “Maybe you could help me carry her?”

5. PortPear met his girlfriend while bartending.

I met my current girlfriend while working behind a bar. She got way too drunk so the next time she came up to ordered a drink i gave her a pint of water and told her she had enough.

Her response? “Well if you’re not going to give me a drink at least give me your number.”

We have a dog now.

6. lebowskiachiever12 met a smooth operator.

Not exactly a pickup line… but really clever/cool way a girl let me know she was interested.

I noticed her on the opposite side of the bar and we smiled at each other. I was newly single, she was with a date and obviously bored. Still… she was with a date, and I’m not gonna interrupt and be that kind of douchebag. After a few minutes, I walked around to her side of the bar to head to the bathroom. She stopped me and said “here, your pocket square is messed up.” She fumbled with it a sec, said “all good” and I moved on to the restroom.

I got home later and took my blazer off, noticed something was off w/ the pocket square. She had stealth-stashed a napkin with her name and number. I texted that night and we went out later that week.

11/10 was impressed with the smooth.

7. Points for creativity, HURR1CANE_WR1ST.

Not a pick up line, but the smoothest thing I’ve seen from behind the mahogany. This guy was hitting on this girl at the end of the bar. She asked him, “you gonna bring me some roses?” and this man took two straws, a napkin, and a lighter and I shit you not made a rose with it. You bet your ass she left with him. Kudos, sir.

8. woozleer was taken by the tabasco.

I’m a bartender. Met my girlfriend when she asked me for two shots of a tequila and tobasco based shot and then said “that one is for you.” I still think she’s very cool.

9. At least they’re honest, mcfaddes222.

“Do you want the best sex of your life tonight?”


“Then I’m the guy for you”

10. What can we say king_of_chardonnay, when we’re hungry we’re hungry.

“Come on, lets go back to my place, I’ll make you a quesadilla.”

This girl had been swatting guys away like flies all night but that one worked out.

11. How romantic, CantankerousOctopus.

A girl once bet that if she could fit an entire one of the cupcakes we sold in her mouth without using her hands, I would have to give it to her for free. She did and I did. I was so impressed, I got her a free drink too. 6 years later, we’re still together eating cupcakes and shit.

12. Corny, but cute Jesus_Shaves_.

I worked at a beach bar. I watched a young guy walk up to a smoking hot, tanned, female lifeguard and say “Help I can’t breathe.”

She was legitimately concerned and asked him what was wrong.

He said, “Looking at you takes my breath away.”

She was pissed for a second than began to laugh. They talked for a little then exchanged numbers.

13. INEWMAIN, that is probably one of the most clever moves we’ve ever heard.

Bartender here. Best pick up I’ve ever seen was when a group of 3 dudes college aged were at the bar on my end. they started talking about this girl on the other side who is clearly the hottest girl in the bar. One of them jokingly said to another If you can get her number without saying a word to her I’ll buy you drinks the rest of the night. The kid who was dared waved me down asked for a pen and napkin he walked over and within 10min came back over girl in hand asking his buddy who bet him for 2 patron shots. I asked him what he did and he showed me the napkin with her number. He played hangman on the napkin and spelt out “can I have your number?” And it actually worked. He and his girl were drinking heavily and for free the rest of the night. He also walked out with her so I hope he scored.

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