These are the most misspelled words in each state, so consider yourself warned

Even if you write professionally for a living (*ahem*), spelling mistakes can and do happen to the best of us. All it takes is skipping your morning cup of coffee, or letting your mind wander for a minute, and you can screw up the spelling for even the most mundane of words.

Usually, a spelling error is relatively private and doesn’t need to be advertised to the world. However, Google is officially here to (basically) rub all of our noses in our collective grammatical mistakes.

Today, Google Trends tweeted out a U.S. map featuring most commonly misspelled words for each state. Or, more accurately, they revealed which words are most often googled with the accompanying phrase, “how to spell.”

The results are both intriguing and, frankly, a teensy bit humiliating.

Okay, so there’s a considerable amount of information to absorb here, including, but not limited to:

  • There are several repeats: the word “Beautiful” is troublesome for California, Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky and New York. The word “Pneumonia” is a real problem for Washington, Michigan and Maine.
  • People in Mississippi had some difficulty spelling the word “Nanny,” which is concerning to me.
  • On the first map, Google Trends actually misspelled the word “Ninety,” and had to issue a second map.

No, really. Here is the corrected map:

This is so poetically hilarious, that I’m almost completely distracted from the fact that people in Washington D.C. were unsure of how to spell the word “Ninety.” (Can’t throw much shade, because apparently Google isn’t sure how to spell it, either.)

In short: we should all review this compendium of tricky (or not-so-tricky) words, so that we can avoid Googling them and looking like fools all over the internet.

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