Apparently ‘boob oil’ is the new must-have celebrity beauty product

In recent years, oil has become the trendiest way to care for your hair and skin, if Sephora offerings are any indication. Remember when argan oil became the most buzz-worthy beauty word on the market? Ever since, treatment oils have been enjoying some high-profile favoritism from both average consumers and celebrities alike. It seems as though skincare and haircare fanatics can’t get enough of slathering themselves in sweet-smelling oils.

However, there may be one particular area of the body that we’ve all neglected to oil: our boobs.

Imelda Burke, the natural beauty specialist known for providing Emma Watson with her organic and ethically-sourced cosmetics, told Racked in a recent interview that boob oil was one product that she simply couldn’t live without.

Burke claimed that, in addition to moisturizing, the oil also encourages women to give themselves regular breast exams. “A cross between body oil and a health tracker, the Boobs Essential Oil encourages you to massage your breasts daily, which makes you familiar with them so that you can mentally track any changes.”


screen shot 2017 06 01 at 12 38 56 am Apparently boob oil is the new must have celebrity beauty product

Though this initially sounded kind of bizarre, it actually sounds sort of brilliant. Why shouldn’t women have a beauty routine involving their breasts, particularly if there’s the possibility of preventing breast cancer?

According to the product description for Boobs Essential Oil (that’s really what it’s called), the oil was made with the express purpose of benefitting breast health:

Massaging your boobs with Boobs’ Essential Oil as part of your daily routine enables you to catch two b(irds)oobs with one stone!

According to scientific research the four carefully selected essential oils may also prevent and reverse cysts, rejuvenate cells & increase immune cell activity.

The ritual of massaging this oil into your skin each day is a clever way of checking your breasts for lumps and changes.

While the idea of oily tits initially sounded like some clichéd middle schooler’s sex dream, I have to admit that the concept really does have merit. Boobs are great, and anything that women can do to care for their breast health is definitely a plus in my book.

Also, this oil sounds just like the kind of semi-superfluous product that would actually make me feel luxurious as f*ck.

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