Lauren Conrad’s stylist just shared her simple secret for flawless flat iron waves

Just about everything Lauren Conrad works on turns into gold lately. Six days ago she launched a swimwear line and her maternity collection just debuted today. Four days ago, she revealed the gender of her baby-to-be. Needless to say, it’s been a crazy week of announcements.

But it even gets better. Thanks to Lauren’s badass hair stylist, Kristin Ess, we now know the secret for turning heads this summer.

Here is Kristin’s simple summer waves tutorial:

Flat iron waves might be my most requested tutorial of all time. They're super easy and fast if you can do 2 things: keep your iron moving & don't overthink it. Here's a quick peek at how I do mine. (There will be a slower, more in depth version coming soon, too.) 1️⃣ I prepped Nora's air dried hair with KEH Instant Lift Thickening Spray (that's the one I call "liquid mousse") and rough dried it with my fingers to get any remaining dampness out. I prefer using this to prep because it doesn't make the iron stick to the hair like some sprays. 2️⃣ I personally like to create those face framing waves FIRST! It really helps me determine where the rest of the waves will start. Continue alternating wave directions. There's no right or wrong. You have to determine what looks best on you! Some people like waves to start higher up and some like them to below the ear. Totally subjective. 3️⃣ Continue making waves around your head and skip the bottom if you have a bob or a lob. Just keep the iron moving!! Tip: Rarely do I wave the bottom layers of a bob or lob because a lot of people just don't need it and sometimes it just makes the bob/lob too bulky. 4️⃣ And my favorite trick? Finishing with a fine mist of @evianwater spray. I use this because it breaks up the waves in a very natural way and gives the hair a little bit of good frizz, yes there is such a thing. It also helps make those little dents disappear if you accidentally make any. 5️⃣ Last I add a veil of KEH Signature Finishing Spray (my texture spray/hairspray hybrid) to add texture and hold. 📝 Fun facts: I prefer the @ghdhair 1" Classic Styler for flat iron waves. The Evian water spray I use is actually a facial mist. #kristinesshair #hairvideos

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For a super easy and fast fix, Kristin Ess said, “do 2 things: keep your iron moving & don’t overthink it.” She later added:

“Continue alternating wave directions. There’s no right or wrong. You have to determine what looks best on you!”

Between her 4 simple steps and this easy tutorial, you’ll get it down in no time.

She has also mastered the beach wave on her client, Jenna Dewan Tatum

…and Lucy Hale, too.

BRB, going to grab my straightener.

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