People are losing their minds over Hilary Duff’s body and we’re so here for it

Much like hundreds of other girls my age, I’ve been obsessed with Hilary Duff  since I was a preteen. I remember rushing home from school to watch hours of Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel every day and jamming out to “Come Clean” on my MP3 player for hours on end. Duff’s character Lizzie was such a comfort during those awkward middle school years and she provided us a relatable friend who experienced the same up’s and down’s as every preteen girl.

Though I’ve always thought that Duff was positively gorgeous, Twitter recently discovered a photo of our Lizzie and she is looking so damn good. Get it McGuire!

Hillary Duff AKA Lizzie McGuire has always been a fan favorite—particularly among those of us who grew up watching her on Disney Channel every day after school.

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“I want a bra!”

Recently, the sleuths of Twitter discovered a paparazzi shot of Duff in a fitted pink dress and dayum does she look good 🔥🔥🔥.

Our girl Lizzie is total #BodyGoals. Where has she been hiding that enviable bubble butt and toned legs?? Teach us your ways, goddess.

Of course, the internet was positively shook by Duff’s chiseled physique and derrière.

Who knew Lizzie had back?

Some users even suggested she’s one-upping the Kardashians.

I’m here for it.

But obviously, Duff’s on a whole other level.

While others pointed out that she’s always been a queen.

And Gordo knew it too.

Unsurprisingly, everyone is dehydrated over this body.

Keep killin’ it Lizzie!

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