You should probably think twice before attempting this trendy butt workout at the gym

Thanks to certain celebrities, who shall remain nameless (*ahem* Kardashians), women everywhere have undertaken the quest for the perfect bubble butt. The aesthetic combination of a small waist and ample ass has become the de facto physique of many Instagram influencers, and it’s affecting how women choose to exercise when they’re at the gym.

Specifically, many women have started using their gym’s abductor machines in an unorthodox manner to achieve peak roundness in their derriere — even though the consequences of this move could actually be dangerous.

To pull off this particular gym hack, one must rest their knees agains the sides of the abductor machine, and push their ass off the seat while performing the standard abductor movements.

Like so:

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This is atypical, obviously, as the machine is meant to be used while sitting.

Additionally, though this particular moves looks great on Instagram videos (specifically showcasing the butt), it does not actually provide that much benefit for your glutes.

Exercise physiologist and American Council on Exercise (ACE)-certified personal trainer Pete McCall tells Cosmopolitan, “It creates the perception of working harder but it’s not really that effective. Standing, ground-based hip-extension exercises like lunges, Romanian deadlifts, kettlebell swings, squats, and step-ups are much more effective.”

Plus, in addition to not being especially effective, the move could also cause you to get hurt — from, you know, not using gym equipment correctly.

As Elizabeth Narins reports for Cosmopolitan:

If you still feel inspired to try this abductor machine hack on your own (and no one’s saying you should), remember: Going rogue on any machine legally qualifies as misuse, so if you do happen to get hurt, you can’t sue the machine’s manufacturer or your gym, JFYI. Also: “If you have a weak butt or bad knees, this move is absolutely a no-go,” says Bianca Vesco, a certified fitness trainer based in New York City. She recommends beginning with mini-band moves to strengthen your hips, butt, and thighs.

So, even though this gym “hack” may create the illusion that your butt is morphing into a peach emoji, it’s only an optical illusion — you’re literally sticking your butt in the air, so of course it’s going to appear more shapely and pronounced.

In actuality, this is a waste of gym time. Maybe just stick with squats and lunges, which will give you equally bodacious results, minus any machine-related injuries.

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