Bella Thorne just stood up for Selena Gomez and her accidental nip-slip fashion moment

The life of a celebrity is often fraught with unintended gaffes and imperfect moments, forever caught on camera thanks to the swarms of paparazzi following them around. Which is why it’s important for all of us “normal folk” to remember, from time to time, that candid celeb photos are just that: taken without notice, and, very likely, without permission.

Recently, Selena Gomez went out to dinner with her “boyfrnd,” The Weeknd, in New York. Naturally, Gomez was inundated with paparazzi flashes as the couple was entering and exiting the restaurant. The camera flashes revealed that Gomez’s black dress was actually on the sheer side, and the photos ended up exposing a tad more than Selena had anticipated.

Though some might consider the whole thing to be an awkward slip, some people were ready to rail against Selena for “not wearing a bra.” One anti-Selena account in particular posted a hateful Instagram post about the fashion choice, and several commenters claimed that Gomez was just copying Bella Thorne, who has been known to go out in completely sheer tops, sans bra.

Well, guess who had an opinion on that comment? Bella Thorne herself, y’all.

bella thorne selena gomez instagram 1497012478 Bella Thorne just stood up for Selena Gomez and her accidental nip slip fashion moment

Thorne commented on the anti-Selena post, saying, “That’s not her fault that paps are shooting her on a date. It’s also not her fault that there’s flash. It’s really not fair to say that.”

Because really — is it productive to shame celebrities for not being perfectly prepared to have bright lights flashed in their face every time they leave the house? Or should the annoyance perhaps be directed at the paparazzi in the first place?

Either way, it’s nice to see Bella standing up for Selena against the haters. It’s very likely that she’s all too familiar with the sensation of being inundated by paparazzi and discovering later that her clothing was more sheer than intended.

*Slow clap for women defending other women*

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