Selena Gomez casually eats an entire cheesecake like a damn champion

As someone who has a remarkably low interest in Selena Gomez and her antics, I must admit that homegirl’s been winning me over lately. Not only are her recent songs undeniably good, she’s also proving to have a funnier and more assertive personality than I initially thought, and is blossoming well beyond her former labels of “Taylor Swift Squad Member” and “Justin Bieber Ex.”

Most importantly, I really appreciate the fact that, unlike so many female celebrities, Selena seems to actually enjoy eating — which she proved in a recent Snapchat.

The video, taken by one of her friends, appears to take place in a small restaurant or deli of sorts. Selena sits next to a window, and and entire cheesecake waits patiently on the table in front of her.

“Hey Sel, what are you doing?” one of her friends asks pointedly.

“I got a cheesecake before my boyfriend’s concert,” Selena replies, totally deadpan, before taking an enormous bite.

Guys. That’s all that happens in this Snapchat. Selena Gomez does not feel the need to elaborate on or qualify her dedication to the cheesecake in front of her. Nor does she let her friend’s wry condescension distract her from the task at hand: devouring an entire damn cheesecake.

I truly must admire the amount of Not Giving A Fuck that’s happening here.

Granted, the Snapchat never answers the most important question: did Selena actually finish the cheesecake? My gut says “No,” but my heart says “I WANT TO BELIEVE.”

I guess the most valuable takeaways are: 1.) Selena Gomez was secure enough in her own damn needs to order herself an entire cheesecake, and 2.) she is officially calling The Weeknd her “boyfriend.” (Which, if you’ve been keeping track of their relationship trajectory at all, is a rather juicy detail.)

Hopefully he didn’t want a slice of cheesecake, though, because girl does not look like she’s sharing.

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