There are now temporary tattoos for your lips and eyes, so I’ve officially seen everything

For many of us, the idea of temporary tattoos evokes the image of coin-operate dispensers in strip malls and grocery stores, and ill-advised which dispensed out ill-advised and non-water-proof tramp stamps. Not exactly the epitome of glamour or style.

However, temporary tattoos are now making a new name for themselves as the latest artistic beauty trend, sans vending machines.

For those who want even more specificity in their facial art, temporary lip and eye tattoos are here to solve your creative woes.

These tiny face decals are available from Violent Lips, and come in packs called “MINIS” for around $10.

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How do you take part in the makeup sorcery? Simply apply the miniature decals like you would any other tattoo — with some warm water and a bit of patience.

loving @heyrevelist 's lip creation using our Minis! 💋#REPOST (link in bio)

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The results are tiny, fashionable graphics that will last until you wash your face or take a shower. (Although it’s a good idea to seal them up with a goopy, clear gloss, just to be on the safe side.)

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And don’t feel like you have to be minimalist with your tattoos, either. You can definitely rock multiple temporary decals at once.

You can even use the temp tattoos on your eyelids! (Although be forewarned: they’re probably more likely to rub off, due to blinking.)

makeup by @beasweetbeauty using our multi-purpose Minis 👻

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Whether you deem lip and eye tattoos to be necessary or not, you can’t deny that it’s fun to have the opportunity to dramatically change up your look without worrying about any lasting repercussions.

And, best of all? This look doesn’t even require any of your hard-earned quarters.

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